How to restore hair at home

A person's appearance depends on the state of his hair, as beautiful and lush hairstyle makes the image more successful and attractive. But falling hair dull shade, so even with tips can lower the self-esteem of even the most self-confident person.

dry hair

In addition, have lost their luster locks can be a sign of developing more serious diseases. Therefore, in order to avoid possible problems with the hair, you need to properly care for them and treated promptly.

In some cases, treatment is required

The most common causes that require immediate treatment strands are listed below.

Hair loss. The reason for this disease can be caused by the following factors:

  • frequent stress;
  • lack of vitamins in the body;
  • hormonal disruptions.

A small number (about fifty, daily) lost hair is not a threat. But if every day a man discovers more than a hundred lost hair, then you must take immediate action.

Split ends. The emergence of such a disease can be improper care of hair or the deficiency. Should know before treating hair and split ends, you must resolve the reason for their appearance. To do this:

  • trim the tips of the scissors. This will prevent further splitting and breakage. This procedure can be done in almost any beauty salon or Barber shop. To consolidate the results of the hot shearing is preferably carried out once a month;
  • to stop using the devices, which thinner hair. Such devices include Curling irons, heat curlers, "pad", and a hot dryer;
  • do not brush wet strands;
  • the deletion of the comb with sharp metal teeth and the common. It is best to use wooden or plastic fixtures with a few teeth;
  • how to eat less oily, sweet and spicy food;
  • to include in your daily menu, foods that contain a large number of different vitamins.

Damaged and dull locks. This problem often occurs in women who for painting use chemicals. A possible reason can be frequently a Perm.

Fatty tresses. The reason for this phenomenon may be the wrong work of sebaceous glands, which quickly contaminate the strands. As a result of this disease usually appears another problem — dandruff.

The benefits of home hair restoration

To hair back to health, do not have to go to the beauty salon, as recovery procedures you can do yourself at home.

The main advantages of home therapy for hair include:

  • Efficiency, consists in absence of necessity to pay the big bucks for expensive cosmetics of known brands which almost always impose in beauty salons. In this case, you can do cheaper, natural and equally effective means.
  • The ability to combine medicines. This means that people can choose for themselves two or more funds that provided the best result. With a combination of several drugs simultaneously to get rid of a number of problems.
  • Convenience, this aspect is reflected in the fact that the treatments for hair can be carried out at a convenient time. In addition, there is no need to enroll and wait for their turn in the Barber shop, and saves time.
  • The versatility of home remedies to restore the curls, as they are able to solve several problems related to hair.
  • The combination of treatment and rest. Most restorative procedures are done using various oils, head massage and other treatments, allowing you to relax. Which has a positive impact not only on the health of the hair, but to restore the nervous system.

Exactly these advantages make home care for locks efficient, meaningful, and timely. That, in turn, has a special influence on the Shine, volume, density and hair health.

Recovery methods

Depending on the damage factor there is a huge variety of ways to restore the strands.

After clarification

To restore the hair after this procedure, experts recommend to properly and regularly take care of them. The care should be comprehensive, including the following:

  • the use of special cosmetic products (shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc.);
  • systematic massaging of the scalp;
  • haircut split ends.

When performing such procedures at home is quite possible to cope with the problems that arose after clarification.

recovery hair

After staining

At the moment every second woman uses chemicals for coloring their hair. This step fashionistas are pushing a variety of causes, such as change of image or gray shading. However, regardless of the reason, coloring of locks adversely affects the health of the hair. Therefore, to restore hair after this procedure, you must perform the following:

  • Therapy of vitamins with a high content of b vitamins, especially beneficial effect of nicotinic acid (B3). Also it will be useful, together with a complex of vitamins to make hair mask on the basis of vitamin B3.
  • After each wash rinse your hair with a special herbal decoction. It should know that for light strands is to use chamomile, and dark nettles.
  • Before shampooing apply on hair roots of vegetable oil. This is typically done using grapeseed or castor oil. The oil should be preheated in a water bath.

After bleaching

This procedure severely damages the structure of hair, so after bleaching it is necessary to apply complex treatment. This therapy is the simultaneous use of pharmaceutical remedies and nutritional compositions made by yourself.

For best health effect with these drugs should do the hair mask from colorless henna or avocado. While the finished mask should be applied to dry strands, insulate and forty minutes to rinse, thus applying a special balm or chamomile decoction.

How to restore dry hair

For the treatment of dry and brittle hair, use the following methods:

  • Rinsing with acetic acid. It should be pre-dissolved in water. In this case, the solution is in the ratio of one teaspoon of 6% vinegar in one liter of water. It is worth considering that it should be used only natural acetic acid. This procedure helps to restore hair strength and Shine.
  • Rinse decoction of nettle. In this case, the decoction strengthens the structure of the strands and deliver them from dandruff. Rinsing should be carried out after each shampooing.
  • Wrap natural oil. It is necessary to know that such procedure will occupy about two hours. The wrapping procedure should be performed at least once a week. Professional beauticians recommend to use almond oil. Also during the period of treatment it is useful to protect hair from heat or frost.

Revitalizing mask homemade

For the manufacture of masks for the hair it is recommended to use only natural ingredients. Usually for such purposes, apply olive, castor or almond oil and egg yolk, cognac, honey, yogurt, sea buckthorn fruit.

Depending on the problem selected the necessary components and mix.

To make the curls stronger, stop hair loss, add Shine, use an oil mask. For its preparation you need to take 4 tbsp of any oil, burdock, almond, etc. to Heat the liquid in a water bath, warm applied to the head, apply on the scalp, distribute on all length of hair. Leave for a couple of hours under the film, wrapped the head in a warm towel.

Serum with vitamins will allow you to quickly restore the structure of hair after colouring, decolouration, etc.

For cooking need:

  • 100 ml kefir;
  • 2 tbsp olive and castor oils;
  • 3 drops of vitamins B1, B6 and B12.

Preparation is simple: heat a oil in a water bath, add vitamins, mix well, put on your head, trying to process the serum into the hair from roots to ends. Stand hour, having covered your head with a towel.

The finished mask is applied to the scalp with light massage movements. Then from root you need to smoothly transition to the tips. When applying homemade remedies hair should be clean and slightly damp.