Revitalizing mask at home hair. Effective recipes

Agree, if the lady wants to alter their appearance, she first changes her hairstyle. Why not just have to experience our hair. Highlights, lamination, build-up, staining – new image appears just a few hours! But in addition to this women are becoming dry, brittle and lifeless strands. However, after you can visit the same salon and medical procedures to heal the hair. It should be noted that save the situation and revitalizing mask at home hair cooked. It is the most versatile tool, made with their own hands.

What kind of hair you need to treat?

What strands are in need of remediation? Take a look at the major signs of damaged hair. They look this way:

  • A dull color.
  • Split ends.
  • The fragility.
  • Increased hair loss.
  • The loss of volume.
  • Stopped or too slow growth.

If you find yourself at least two items from this list, you just need the mask! At home hair to cook it simply.

Experts say that each hair is covered with squamis, by nature smooth. But over time, they become damaged under the influence of high temperature, environment and cosmetics. Just eliminating the irritant and by promptly restore the structure, we can expect that the hair will remain.

Why home restoration better?

And really, why? Maybe easier to go to the salon and to use the services of specialists? Certainly easier, but, first, there will be more expenses. And secondly, the natural raw materials contained in home remedies works much better than synthetic remedies. It nourishes hair vitamins and minerals, making them smooth and shiny, gives volume and strength, accelerates growth.


How to correctly care for broken strands?

Did you know that back hair looking healthy very difficult? It is necessary to radically change your mind about caring for them. The main task considered in this case getting rid of the current problems and guard the hair from further damage. Let's first identify the causes of negative phenomena. It may be disgusting food, and a lot of stress, and excessive passion for chemical paint, and hypothermia of the head, and the use of funds purchased in stores, which are full of chemicals. Next you need to follow that path:

  • Introduction in a diet of fruit, meat, vegetables and dairy products.
  • Temporary cessation of use of the dryer (or use the cold mode!), curler and crimper.
  • The use of herbal cosmetics.
  • Monthly nail exfoliated all.
  • Picking up the conditioner or shampoo, you need to focus on products that contain a minimum number of different substances and perfumes. There are few, but they exist. Note the Belarusian cosmetics. It is inexpensive and is ideal for damaged and over-treated strands. Also suitable for products containing keratin and protein.
  • Within a month two times a week you want to use a homemade revitalizing mask. They painlessly improve the condition of your hair.
  • Use a perfume that blends with your new style.
  • You can use a comb or bristle natural wood.
  • Wet strands of hair impossible to comb.

Mix for locuti sunt hair

What components should contain the mask? At home for hair, you can create a mixture recreating qualities. Very often they are based, occur vitamin supplements, oil (burdock and olive), aloe juice. Let's take a look at the best recipes of masks.

  1. Moisturizing mask with aloe. Her set includes one tbsp honey, one tbsp castorea oleum, one tbsp of aloe juice. For making masks need to mix all ingredients, apply the mixture on the epidermis. Further, it is necessary to lubricate the strands, then wash off after half an hour. At the end of the hair is preferably rinsed with a decoction of hops (for women with dark hair) or nettle (for blondes).
  2. Hair mask with egg. This mask is made from two tbsp olive oil, one egg yolk, five capsules of vitamin A, two tbsp honey, one tbsp of the ridge (for women with dark hair) or vodka (for blondes). In this case, you must RUB the yolk with the honey, pour in the mixture of oil, alcohol and vitamins, apply it on the strands and after an hour rinse them. Repeat these steps two times a week.
  3. Hair mask with castorea oil. It includes one tablespoon onion juice, one tablespoon lemon, one tbsp castorea oleum, one tablespoon of garlic juice. Here it is necessary to connect all components and lubricate with mixture hair. Wash off the mask is necessary after twenty minutes. The smell of onions and garlic will neutralize the lemon.
  4. Mask for damaged hair. To heal the hair, you must first wash them with shampoo and then brush the warm yogurt. Further, the head is slightly massaged and insulatas the hood. After forty minutes, lava water kefir from the head. This procedure should be repeated once a week.
  5. The following hair mask, the egg, consists of banana. Actually it is called shampoo from the banana and is used for quisque ornare ipsum strands. It includes a half a banana, one tbsp of lemon juice and one egg yolk. To prepare this shampoo you need to clean the banana skin, cut the top layer and prepared from fruit puree. Puree, mix with honey and egg yolk. The mixture is used instead of the usual shampoo - and enjoy smooth and shiny hair.
  6. Homemade mask for growth and thickness of hair, are prepared from one tablespoon of olive oil and two egg yolks. First you need to whisk the egg yolks and pour in a lot of olive oil. The mixture is then evenly distributed through the hair and fricabis in the scalp. Next, head insulatas towel twenty minutes later, lava mask with the strands.
  7. What is the grain the mask? At home for hair it is prepared from 300 grams of rye bread and one glass of water. First crumble the bread in a bowl and pour it with boiling water. Infuse the mixture for 3-6 hours. Next you need to decant excess liquid and put the pulp into strands. Then lightly suspendisse head. And after twenty minutes, the lava mixture from the hair with water.
  8. Egg white this mask is prepared with two eggs and one Cup of water. You must first beat the eggs with the water, wet the head with hot water and RUB the mixture into the skin. After twenty minutes, the mixture washed his hair under the shower.
  9. Beer mask for locuti sunt and colored hair is prepared from a single egg. 120 ml of beer and 70 grams of cheese. First you need to mix the egg with the cheese, pour a lot of beer and wait for deerrare bubbles. A mixture of lubrico hair, forty minutes later her lava. This procedure is performed for two weeks every other day.

Treatment flagellum hair

How to do a mask for hair? For prevention usually use oil germinaverit wheat grains. They lubricate the ends of your hair, wait a couple of hours, then warm water wash. Can be used in this case fish oil, castor oil, vitamins A and E. by the Way, don't forget to cut interficiam and brittle ends, otherwise the problem will increase.

How else can you regain hair? Mask for damaged hair can be prepared of herbs. Boil in a liter of water nettles or chamomile, parsley or plantain, and intinge strands in the liquid for fifteen minutes. The head should be dried, without washing the broth, naturally. This mask will strengthen the roots and facilitate the combing of tresses.

Restoration of the hair damaged heating devices

It is known that every second woman owns a rectifier. Some use it to do elegant curls, others line the curls. But hurt hair and those and others. Already has dry, brittle strands and inanimation? Immediately start treatment!

First, you need to abandon the frequent use of the heating device. Secondly, it is necessary peribit that part of the hair that is damaged – you won't bring her back. Third, you need to buy cosmetics that will help solve your problem. Fourth, pay close attention to their hair. If they began to rapidly comederetis, rejoice: it returns moisture and nutrients. It is known that the mask for dry and damaged hair instantly can restore damaged strands:

  • Recipe No. 1. For making this mask you need to have one tbsp milk, one tbsp of honey and four drops of moisturizing essential oils (jojoba, ylang-ylang, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood or orange). To prepare the mixture, dissolve the honey in warm milk, add the ether. The resulting solution lubricate the hair and put on a shower cap. The mixture of hair is necessary to wash off after an hour.
  • Recipe № 2. Saturate hair thoroughly with coconut oil, Shea or cocoa. These oils have a high density, thus is suitable for the salvation of even the most parched strands. This mask on the hair lasts at least two hours. Then wash it off with shampoo.
  • Recipe No. 3 (laminated home). This mask comprises one tbsp of gelatin, two tablespoons of hair conditioner, a glass of water. As she gets ready? First you need to pour the gelatin in warm water and soaking for thirty minutes. The mixture is heated in a water bath. After these manipulations is added to a solution of balsam and lubrico their hair. Wear a shower cap, wait three hours, and lava mixture from the hair with warm water. To obtain the first positive result you need to perform 3-4 treatments (once a week).

Hair restoration

Did you know that hair mask with burdock oil perfectly restores the hair? It nourishes hair, prevents their splitting, softens, stops hair loss, adds Shine. For its preparation it is necessary to use four tablespoons of butter on medium density and length of the strands.


Hair mask with burdock oil is prepared as follows: the oil is heated in a water bath, rubbed into the roots, the ends are lubricated, and the remainder distributed throughout the length of the strands. Head cover with a film and a warm towel stand two hours. Rinse hair with this mask using the shampoo.

Useful tips

You need to remember that a homemade mask for the growth and strengthening of hair not to cook in metal vessels. After all, between the ingredients and a bowl or spoon can cause a chemical reaction that can lead to unexpected results due to the use of such a mixture. Remember that split ends don't need to seal or repair – for damaged hair this load is heavy. These tips will not recover and have healthy hair, so you need to go to the hairdresser. Of course, in this case will not interfere with and mask for hair. And take care of your curls, walking on the beach or under the hot sun, because the UV rays seriously complicates the situation! Many girls apply a healing mask at home. Of course, this thing is great, but not decisive. Grooming hair, you must comply with the measure and regularity. The complex care you need to think carefully, otherwise a lot of nutrients hair will cease to perceive.

Remember: you will always help hair mask! Homemade recipes this tool is unique! But once a month is necessary to change the composition of the mixtures, skin and hair get used to fastidiosus care and the efficiency of procedures is reduced. Of course, to change skincare products too often impossible. Because you can get a negative result. The best effect can be obtained by applying any of the tools a couple times a week!

The main advantages of masks

It is known that many store-bought masks are composed of such components, the properties of which we can only guess. But, homemade hair mask with castorea oil is a miracle!


Next, we save money. Many recipes of masks are available ingredients. Moreover. Such masks are also very effective. They can moisturize, soften, saturate the curls a useful substance to eliminate cross-section and brittle hair, restore dyed and weakened hair.

Prevention of damage to the hair

To prevent breakage, damage and hair loss, you need to:

  • Be sure to cut the ends and only after that to carry out repairing treatment.
  • Better not to use rubber bands, metal paxillos and other accessories.
  • Frequently and gently comb the curls .
  • To avoid stress, to continually improve health, eat well-balanced food.
  • To improve blood circulation to carry out a scalp massage once a week. For example, with sea salt wetted with water the roots of the hair apply in a circular motion and sea salt for ten minutes, massage the scalp. Then the salt is washed off with warm water. This event, by the way, cleans the skin.
  • Try as little as possible to use hot appliances for hair styling.
  • To use cosmetics, which include: provitamin B5 or D-panthenol, vitamin C, Biotin, jojoba oil and extracts of oat oil, wheat germ.
  • Be sure to use a protective conditioner.

Adhering to these simple tips, your hair can return to its former beauty and health.


We are sure that this article will help you to restore the health of their hair at home.