Deep hair restoration: procedures and results

hair restoration

Beautiful hair is a result of timely care and the use of the correct tools. Damages trouble and wish to take drastic measures. Choosing between home treatment and salon care correct to give preference to integrated recovery and treatment. Specialists can perform deep recovery hair, and professional products will maintain the achieved results.

The principles of recovery

Thermal, chemical, mechanical impact makes the hair lifeless, brittle, dry and dull. Aggressive staining dyes, heat styling, perming changes the structure of the hair shaft and require regular restoration events. The metabolic disorders, diseases, stress also affect the condition and appearance. The texture becomes loose, the curls don't hold the form, is lost Shine and elasticity.

Reanimation involves a gradual exposure to various means and procedures:

  • Salon care, it helps to influence at the cellular level and to obtain a quick result. Professionals use for this intensive moisturizing, nourishing remedies. Popular concentrated serum for deep hair restoration.
  • Home restoration requires regular nursing procedures s, use of quality cosmetic and folk remedies, periodic consultations with a physician-trichologist.

The traditional order of the procedures is the careful examination of the hair and scalp, the choice of treatment strategies and recovery tools, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

Salon care

Biocreative recovery

Diagnosis and quality treatment it is better to go to a specialized clinic or salon. High-tech equipment, qualified staff will quickly determine the cause and to select proper treatment.

Sometimes a single treatment with intense exposure. Often have to undergo multiple sessions to achieve the desired result. And in that and in other case, we should listen to the recommendations of the experts and maintain the hair at home.

Keratin recovery

The keratin on one side is protective, the other fills the void. It coats the follicles and protects them from damage. Treatment of the protein keratin is to restore the full structure. He is the link and the building blocks of the hair shaft. Externally, the result is characterized by the straightening and restoration of curls. After the first session, they are transformed to be silky and healthy.

Usually a two-hour procedure consists of several stages:

  • Cleaning of non-sulfate-containing shampoos. Besides cleansing they reveal scales.
  • The application of smoothing composition. Mask for deep recovery hair eliminates frizz and porosity. Fills emptiness with keratin. Is applied separately on each strand.
  • Drying with a Hairdryer and processing of flat irons.

Over the next three days can not wash your hair, wearing hats, doing elaborate hairstyles and braiding braids, use rubber bands or Bobby pins. In the future it is recommended a shampoo without sulfates and salts and soothing SPA facilities.

Molecular regeneration

Working at the molecular level, the complex of microelements, vitamins, keratin penetrates inside the rod. A hot hair dryer or flat iron promotes activation of these nutrients and closing of the scales.

Molecular regeneration

The surface becomes smooth, shiny and healthy-looking. Molecular repair or cautery is one of the most effective methods of treatment of the hair.

The procedure takes 2-3 hours. Visible results lasts up to 2 months. Recommended for parched, brittle, split ends and falling hair. In the presence of alopecia, skin diseases of the skin, dandruff should consult a trichologist about the possibility of carrying out similar procedures. Additional treatment is regular use of regenerating agents on a natural basis. It can be shampoos, conditioners, rinses, decoctions of herbs, essential oils and vegetable oils.

Home restoration

On the basis of folk remedies created many unique recipes for healing the hair and scalp. Many of them contain well-known ingredients and enough posts to use. Some options are quite difficult to prepare due to rare components.

Starting treatment, you should choose the procedures and tools that are working on the restoration of the structure. The result should be straightening, smoothing, thickening the hair shaft. Eliminate split ends, breakage, brittleness is a measure of the correct choice.

Masks are the most convenient form and can be prepared from inexpensive components:

  • Oil. Well established complex of almond, burdock and linseed oil. Mixed in equal amounts and heated in a water bath, they eliminate dryness and hair breakage. The mask can be maintained on the hair for a long time, up to 2 hours. For flushing whip in the hands of foam and spread evenly on the strands. Then re-wash the head in the usual way.
  • Dairy products. They are popular because of its moisturizing properties. Typically, you mix 1/3 of a Cup of yogurt with a vitamin complex. Oil capsules as a filler is ideal for oily hair. Yolk - for dry.
Home restoration

Mask for deep recovery hair applied mainly to clean the head. Soft shampoo is well prepared for the process of recovery and nutrition. It is necessary to dry the hair with a towel draped over his shoulders protective blanket. The mask can be applied with a brush, cloth pad or just with your hands.

Hair restoration promotes a healthy lifestyle, varied diet, avoiding harmful habits, psychological health. It is necessary to normalize the intake of vitamins and minerals, to enter into the habit of daily care, use sunscreen and moisturizers for daily care. Healthy and beautiful hair - the pride of any person. Restoring the structure with the help of professionals, you can enjoy beautiful hair, just regularly maintaining the result.