Shampoo to repair hair, damaged structures, the use of at home

Hair care is not only regular washing, but also the use of moisturizing and nourishing masks, balms and gels. You need to constantly "work" on the restoration of the structure of the hair, because damage leads to loss of health and beauty. The question of whether there is a point in using a shampoo with reducing properties, can not put. Indeed, under the influence of many factors they lose their appeal.

shampoo for hair restoration

How does a shampoo for hair restoration

Each facility to the property works in three directions:

  • activation of hair growth is the nutrition of follicles and improve blood circulation in the scalp;
  • the restoration of the structure "sealing" of the scales of each hair shaft, infusing it with vitamins and nutrients;
  • increasing the amount of keratin in curls and provides them a silky, smooth texture, easy combing.

To solve the problem, you can use shampoos from lines of professional cosmetics, but you can prepare yourself at home. It is important to understand that such funds are not immediately operate, at least, visible changes in the condition of the strands will be visible not earlier than in a month or two.

This is due to the fact that all the nutrients present in restoration shampoos have the ability to accumulate in the hair and follicles. And only after the desired quantity of active component will be accumulated, you can count on results.

The effect of the shampoos with the regenerative abilities of each person manifests individually - someone notes the qualitative change of hair after 2 - 3 weeks of the procedure, and someone and after 2 months, just starting to notice some positive aspects.

What to look for when choosing

Professional shampoos for hair restoration on the market are quite a lot, so the choice of tools will need to do individually and taking into account some important factors.

What requires special attention when choosing restorative shampoo:

  • for which type of hair remedy oily or dry curls require different composition;
  • does shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate - this ingredient is undesirable as it can trigger the cell death of hair follicles and, consequently, faster baldness;
  • is there a part of vegetable oil, even for oily hair, this ingredient is crucial as it provides not only moisturizing the hair, but also their food with micronutrients.
What to look for when choosing

Definitely need to study and the deadline for receipt of result - selected resources should be used 4 - 6 months consecutive to the first positive changes. Experts believe that such shampoos should be used in those cases when the prevention of problems or negative changes in the health of the hair began to appear.

But if the locks have become dull, lost Shine and silkiness, it will take extra help, you need to choose shampoos with faster action from 1 to 3 months.

An important indicator is the cost of funds. Professional shampoos from well-known brands just can't is cheap, so significantly reduced price should alert - most likely, on sale the fake. If the money to buy expensive shampoo is not enough, you can ask for help to home remedies. So, at least, be able to maintain the health of the hair.

How to make your own natural shampoo

If the problem with hair started to bother recently, and this is clearly due to negative influence of external factors (not with pathology of the internal organs and systems), you can try to restore healthy hair homemade shampoo. Experts say that in many cases it is no less effective than professional products.

There are several recipes rejuvenating shampoo and the most effective can be considered:

  • With fermented baked milk . Need 100 g black (rye) bread to combine with 100 ml of milk, mix thoroughly and leave for 40 - 60 minutes. The passage of time, the mixture was again stirred and thoroughly distributed over the scalp and entire length of hair. Apply shampoo to a soft circular motion, you can do a three-minute massage. Weight should stay on the head and hair for 10 minutes, then wash away.
  • With mustard . Will need 50 g of the crumb of brown bread, 2 tablespoons warm milk and 1 egg yolk. These ingredients are mixed and left alone for 20 minutes - the bread will swell, the mixture will become jelly. It remains to add to it a teaspoon of mustard and can be applied to the head and hair. If the curls are characterized by high dry and brittle, the shampoo, you need to add 1 tablespoon of olive and argan oil.
  • With the herbs . First, prepare a decoction of Basil and sage (you can add rosemary) - 1 tablespoon of herbs pour 100 ml of water, boil 10 minutes and cool. In the broth, dissolve 1 tablespoon of glycerin oil, pre-cooked chips out of it. It remains to add 3 to 7 drops of cedar oil and jojoba oil, mix and you can use the classical way.

It always helps tool to restore hair

Experts say that professional shampoos and folk remedies with regenerative properties are not always effective. It is advisable to apply them only in case if the damage of the locks is not critical and is not associated with some pathologies of internal organs and systems.

How to make your own natural shampoo

How to understand what is happening with your hair and what can help them? If revitalising shampoo does not give a positive result after 30-day use, you should seek help from doctors.

A shampoo with a revitalizing effect and home remedies from natural products can be used as prevention of baldness, deterioration of hair health. This will help to maintain the beautiful appearance of hair, even with aggressive, frequent dyeing. Such funds must be used wisely - no more than 3 times a week (unless otherwise noted) and properly selecting the specific shampoo.