How to restore damaged hair?

Thick, bouncy curls, shining healthy Shine – perhaps every woman dreams about such decoration. Because the hair is a kind of crown, designed to perpetuate and enhance the beauty of its owner. And that hair often shape the image of a man when we first met. No wonder women go to great lengths to find a hair of your dreams! But too strongly chasing beauty, we often achieve the opposite effect: a few days of beauty – and we need emergency treatment for damaged hair.

All kinds of coloring, styling, perms are designed to change the natural shape and color of your hair. For anybody not a secret that such procedures negatively affect the health of the scalp contribute to hair loss, dry them, weaken the structure.

Even by selecting the highest quality funds, you risk getting into a situation, which hit my friend, going out with newly dyed hair. A secluded café on the lake shore, summer breeze, sunset, a young man whispers in her compliments, runs a hand through long silky hair companion... and then a languid expression on his face replaced by fear on his palm left an impressive tuft of fallen hair.

How to restore damaged hair

Caring for fine damaged hair.

Hair loss is a major problem faced by women workers of the chemistry, dyeing and actively using the means of styling. How to deal with it?

  • The most effective means of treatment at home is self-massage of the scalp. These easy steps will improve the circulation of blood, which are activated by the nutrients and trace elements. It is best to massage before shampoo. Pay this procedure 2-4 minutes a day and soon will notice a significant improvement.
  • No harm will also reduce the strain on hair follicles, shortening the hair at least two to three centimeters.
  • Many find effective means to repair damaged hair famous mask based on mustard: 2 tablespoons dry mustard mixed with 2 tablespoons of hot water and one egg yolk, 2 spoons of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the roots, wear a shower hat and wrap head with a towel. Will feel the burning, therefore, at the first session enough 5-10 min later with a mask, it is recommended to sit up to 30 minutes. You should not do it more than once a week.

How to cope with split ends?

This problem is particularly often faced long-haired girls who regularly use a Hairdryer, Curling tongs or hair straighteners are available. All this leads to an unavoidable loss of natural moisture, which is lacking in our hair in conditions of bad ecology. Dry hair becomes brittle, making it easy to be confused, look thin, damaged a few shades lighter than the base color and require special care. Sound familiar?

How to cope with split ends
  • To fight split ends, you first need to arm themselves with a wooden comb with a few teeth. But don't forget to regularly change this kind of comb: wood tends to split and the teeth of the comb can damage the hair, making the cross section – and by the way, too tight rubber bands or sharp hair pins.
  • Folk medicine recommends to use for the care of damaged hair decoctions of birch leaves, of chamomile and peppermint.
  • Good service you will have regular use of B vitamins contained in egg yolk, poultry, whole-wheat bread, fish, nuts, cereals, dairy products. Increase the quantity of these foods in your daily diet, and you will see significant changes for the better.

There are different means in varying degree to repair badly damaged hair. But wouldn't it be easier to minimize the use of what caused the damage? To prevent negative consequences easier, than to correct them, and the charming beauty of the natural, the one that has already been laid in you by nature.