The restoration of the structure of human hair

Always worrying when the hair structure is changing, for example, if the strands become thinner suddenly become too hard or unruly.

The reason for this can be many things. Some of them, for example, graying, we can't control. Other amenable to correction, but you need to know what measures will be effective.

From the article, you will learn how to restore hair at the salon or at home.

A little bit about the structure of human hair

the structure of the hair

Hairdressers and beauticians are well aware of what can cause change in the structure of human hair and how it is possible to prevent it.

And how to change the structure, if the hair in humans has changed for the worse — become brittle, coarse, dry and dull.

The structure of the curls that grow on the head, ensures good resistance to environmental factors.

In a healthy person's hair contains 10 to 13 % water. It consists of a core filled with voids, and a hard shell composed of layered on each other, like fish scales, keratin cells.

Over time the shell can be damaged to break. The edges of the "scales" lifted above the rod or even break off, exposing the vulnerable core, which begins to evaporate the moisture.

The ruined shell and, as a consequence, the lack of moisture — the main causes for the hair to look lifeless.

Proved that it is possible to stop the destruction of the cortical layer, if you remove the destructive factor.

This factor may be improper handling of the hair, hormonal failure or lack of necessary substances in the body.

Any thermal or chemical treatment to affect the structure and the structure of the hair.

Color, torqueo and straightness of hair depends on genetics, and can only change it by force, changing the structure.

In other words, to curl direct from nature hair or straighten natural curls, you need to break the old structure.

This is done by chemical or physical influences on the hair shafts. The less you torqueo and straighten strands, the safer will be their structure.

Hormones strongly affect the structure of the hair. The hair on the head of pregnant women look healthy and shiny during menopause become stiff and thin.

There are hormonal means to improve in home structure and the structure is damaged and thin hair, but you can buy them by prescription only.

As a more gentle method of health experts in hair care recommend a daily intake of at home of Biotin.

Restore the beauty salon

If the hair was suffered severe damage, the only solution would be to cut off the damaged strands and wait until grow new, healthy.

beauty salon

But sometimes the barbers offer to restore hair in salon deep conditioning, protein drugs or intense moisture.

These procedures for some time improve the internal structure and appearance of hair:

  1. Keratin recovery — simultaneously restores the structure and right, for 4 — 6 months the hair will look healthy and well groomed;
  2. Hot restore — strands treated with ions and "seal" a special vapor ducens forceps;
  3. Shock recovery — the kit includes special tools: shampoo, oil or a mask, and an activator. It is possible to do the recovery at home. After conducting shock therapy curls are big and beautiful;
  4. Brazilian recovery the structure of the hair is repaired from the inside out using keratin. Is applied a remedy, then dried with a Hairdryer and apply Styler for alignment.

Good results are obtained recovery mesotherapy. During the session, the doctor inserts under the skin of the head thin needles medicinal cocktails, of which the bulbs will instantly get the required substance. The improvement comes quickly.

Few people know that there are oil hair repair — this procedure offers a few local salons. It is used in conjunction with massage of acupuncture points.

Means for clearing and restoration constitute the recipes of Ayurveda and exotic health systems.

How to improve the structure of hair instantly? You can use the recovery bio-lamination. During this procedure, the hairs are sealed in a protective cocoon, and inside they are administered medicinal constituents.

Hair immediately after the procedure becomes smooth, healthy-looking. Lamination is particularly effective for fine hair, as it adds volume.

Recovery vitamins

Everyone knows that vitamins — it is life. When there is a lack suffers the entire human body, and the hair becomes lifeless.

What vitamins are especially important to restore the structure and alignment of unruly hair?

Vitamin a or retinol is great for recovering structure and the structure of the hair, making the strands more elastic.

useful products

Retinol can literally transform a parched, dead-on, like hemp strands. He is in animal products: butter, egg yolks, cod liver.

Eating these products, you get the retinol. In plants, the retinol is present in the form of beta-carotene in vegetables, fruits and berries red, and orange.

Beta-carotene is converted in the human body in full retinol. So it can be absorbed in the intestine, need fat.

Therefore, the carrot salad, a recognized source of carotene, eat with sour cream and fresh carrot juice add a drop of vegetable oil.

Contains a lot of carotene in dried apricots, sea buckthorn, red gooseberries.

The B vitamins strengthen the roots, accelerate the growth, helping to restore or improve the structure of the hair, make the curls strong and healthy to bring back the Shine and beauty.

Particularly important for hair are:

  • thiamine or B1 — vitamin is found in cereals, green peas;
  • Riboflavin or B2 vitamin is found in meat, eggs, broccoli, almonds, yeast;
  • cyanocobalamin or B12 — a vitamin found only in foods of animal origin;
  • pyridoxine or B6 vitamin can be found in nuts, halva, cereals;
  • Biotin or B7 — vitamin contains little in all products of plant and animal deficiency leads to early graying of hair and baldness;
  • Inositol or B8 — vitamin independently produced in the human body.

Ascorbic acid improves the elasticity of capillaries, so the follicles return to normal metabolism, the hair is starting to eat better, their structure is restored.

Askorbinka helps absorption of such an important element as iron.

It is in almost all raw fruits and vegetables, Champions for its content — the lemon and other citrus, black currant, wild rose.

Tocopherol. The facility has a reputation as a "youth vitamin" because it improves skin elasticity. With normal levels of tocopherol hair become soft and "silky".

The body gets it from vegetable fats — seeds, nuts, sunflower oil.

Liquid vitamins — recipes of masks

All of the above drugs are sold over the counter in suitable for use in the home liquid form. Portion vitamins' you can add to your favorite shampoo, conditioner or mask.

For more effect drugs combined. Complement each other A and E, has proven itself a mixture of C+B1+B12.

Mask with vitamin supplements for a long time is not stored, the freshly prepared mixture used and the residues discarded. Opened ampoules and vials of medication stored in the refrigerator.

Mask for softness and smoothness. In tablespoon of any vegetable oil add a tablespoon of retinol and tocopherol. Head insulated, keep at least an hour.

hair masks

Mask for growth. Mix a teaspoon of A, E, and burdock oil. Add 2 tbsp of warm water, yolk and 20 g of mustard powder. Applied to the roots, keep as much as you can tolerate (mask slightly burns), but not more than an hour.

Mask for strengthening. You need to take a tablespoon of onion juice, tinctures of red pepper, castor and burdock oil, a teaspoon of retinol, egg yolk. Mixed and rubbed into the roots for half an hour. Wash off the mask with shampoo and then rinsed with water with lemon juice to remove onion smell.

Mask at home for hair growth. Take the yolk, a teaspoon of tincture of Siberian ginseng and vitamins A, E and B3, 2 tablespoons of flax oil. Mask to keep the hours, insulated head.

Chronic deficiency of a micronutrient can cause health problems and affect the state of the hair until the damage to the structure.

How to determine in the home, what minerals the hair is not enough:

  • Iron — deficiency leads to dryness and breakage. Found in liver, buckwheat, apples, nuts;
  • Copper, zinc, sulfur slow the graying, prevent age-related hair loss. There are seafood, garlic, liver, legumes;
  • Silicon — strengthens the structure, with a lack of hair weakening. Keep in the roots, whole grain;
  • Molybdenum — accelerates the growth. There is in cocoa, liver, kidney.

Mask with trace elements

In food trace elements are contained in microscopic quantities, it is not enough to ensure that the mask was effective.

But there is an excellent source of all essential substances. We are talking about healing clays.

In any of its varieties has a full set of micronutrients that is suitable to restore the structure.

The chemical composition is different from other green — it has more iron than others.

Cosmetic clay — a low-cost tool that is always in stores. Masks can be used both separately and in mixture with other ingredients.

Clay mask is very effective for hair restoration and healing properties.

Here is a recipe proven tools to restore dull, lifeless hair with strongly damaged structure.

Mask with blue clay, with some clay diluted with water to a creamy state, add the ampoule of vitamins A, E and any vegetable oil.

Applied to the roots and throughout hair, hold 20 minutes, wash off with warm water.

If you know how to take care of the hair, the hair will always look truly luxurious. Take care of the curls is not as difficult as it may seem.

Use home remedies mask with clay and vitamins, do not tire the hair frequent dyeing and unda, a full eat — and your hair will always be a subject of pride.