How to get back your hair color after dyeing: all methods of color restoration

Every girl once in my life, but dreaming of a change of image, for example, about the hair. Those who still dared at this step are often faced with the problem of the return of natural colors. How and in what ways to do it without any harm — read in this article.

How to return natural color for brunettes

Owner, bright colored hair wishing to return their natural dark color, can achieve the desired 1-2 going to the salon. to work hard, because to get exactly the tone on tone very difficult. It will have to calculate the amount of the desired pigment (red, brown, black).

Have bleached hair do not own pigment cells, they are dry, porous and absorb paint like a sponge. First coating often does not yield the desired result, color is desaturated, faded, due to the fact that hair "eats" it. Re-tinting and applying individual color nuances will fix this problem.

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Please note, if done correctly, coloring, growing the roots will completely merge with the length and look natural.

How to get back to natural blonde

Brunette decided to return the natural, light shade, will be much harder. Especially if the hair was dyed a few times.

The only way to return to his native blond is a pre wash. It is important to understand that the way out of black or other dark shades is a laborious process, which includes from 3 to 5-7 treatments to discoloration, with breaks in 1-2 months.

At a time when the hair would rest from aggressive compounds, hairdressers advised to do beauty treatments, aimed at recovery and nutrition (e.g., keratin).

If the hair long, dyed in a dark shade, it is likely that to return the natural tone completely fail. In this case, the only way to grow your color, gradually cutting off the length.

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How to restore gray hair

To return to a cold, ashy shade of hair can be a pre-flush staining substance. With age the body produces less collagen, the hair becomes dry and prone to splitting. Therefore, they will not withstand such aggressive procedures, such as bleaching or washing.

Council. To get rid of the pigment will help greasy, nourishing products. For example, masks, balms, conditioners to restore.

Ways to restore natural color


The first thing that comes to mind is the girl who wishes to return to natural color — this haircut.

You can decide on a radical change of image, cutting off the greater part of the length, to let it grow from scratch. Asymmetrical, with bangs or without the wizard help you choose a hairstyle that will help you to look stylish even with short hair.

The second option is to grow gradually painted part. Perfect for those who want to drastically change your style, and also to lose the length or change the style of haircut.

You should have patience, after all, is a long process that will require a lot of time. The main advantage of this method is its cheapness. As well as the opportunity to try on a lot of other images until the hair grows.

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Wash or pickling is a professional treatment which helps to get rid of unsuitable hair pigment. There are two types:

  1. Surface pickling. Is performed using a gentle composition that does not contain oxidizing components. Removes light staining (a couple of shades lighter or darker), shampoo or direct dyes.
  2. Deep pickling. Is an aggressive composition, a large amount of pigment. Suitable for those who for a long time in the same color (e.g. black) and wishes to return to a natural hue. This procedure in its effects resembles discoloration, very dry, injure the hair in the future for them requires careful maintenance.

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Staining and discoloration

Discoloration, burning the cells of the pigment inside the hair structure. Without this procedure can not do the girls that are painted in red, brown or dark shades and want to bring back the natural color.

The degree of lighten hair and, as a consequence, obtaining a light base depends on:

  • the time of exposure;
  • the temperature at which there is a procedure;
  • the initial level base;
  • the amount of damage to the mix.

Attention! Even the soft lighting, distorts the structure and makes it more fragile and brittle. In order to seal the hair, at the same time giving the desired shade, you can use a special paint.


Staining — what is almost impossible to avoid when returning to natural color. There are several main categories:

  1. The cream paint. Resistant dyes based on ammonia. Can permanently, while maintaining the desired hue. Will suit girls with light previously colored hair wishing to return to the old, dark color.
  2. Due to the lack of aggressive component does not injure the structure often contains additional components. Less stable than the previous version. Suitable for dyeing damaged, fragile hair (for example, after bleaching or washing).
  3. Coloring shampoos and conditioners. Slightly , give them a color nuance (add red, red, ash, etc.).

Partial staining

To avoid damage to the hair frequent, you can paint some strands, thus smooth transition to your natural color.

  1. Frequent highlights. Painted thin, the common strands across the length. Over time all the hair, anyway, are tinted, which gives the opportunity to gradually bring back natural color. Best suited brown, wishing to go back to blonde.
  2. Ombre technique through which creates a smooth transition from one color to another (usually from dark to light).

Alternative ways

If you want to get rid of annoying color, but the hair does not allow discoloration or a wash, try frequent washing.

Contained in shampoos and conditioners soap, silicones and extracts of oils do an excellent job with the leaching of paint pigment. For these purposes it is better to change the usual care to more nutritious, look on the shelves of stores marked "revitalizing", "for brittle and exhausted".

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Traditional methods

Wash off the artificial dye, and return the natural color will help of vegetable oil. They penetrate deep into the structure, and, due to the high content of saturated acids and vitamins, help to wash the pigment.

Best suited:

  1. coconut;
  2. Shea butter;
  3. argan;
  4. almond.

Council. Before use, the oil should be slightly warm in a water bath. Warm mixture apply on the lengths and roots of the hair. To clean under a warm shower cap or plastic bag, to keep from 1 hour to a whole night. Repeat the procedure 2-4 times a week.

Vegetable oil can be used as a base for other homemade masks:

  1. You will need: 2 tsp of cinnamon powder, a few tablespoons of olive oil (cold pressed), lemon juice, 2-3 drops of essential oil of cinnamon. The base oil is heated to dissolve the ester and the rest of the ingredients. Apply to the hair and the root area and leave for 30-40 minutes. The mask washes well dark shades, and with frequent use can lighten the hair 2-3 shades.
  2. Honey. In hot oil (almond and peach) to dissolve a few tablespoons of fresh, floral honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the length, remove the under plastic wrap, leave for 20 minutes.
  3. Recovery. You will need: coconut oil, a few drops of a favorite broadcast, the pulp of one banana, honey. All the components are mixed together, the fruit in advance. The mixture was applied on the entire length, leave for a few hours, rinse with warm water.
  4. Vegetable oils are perfectly combined with ingredients such as cognac, red pepper, ginger. They have a warming effect that helps all useful components to penetrate deeper into the structure. Just add 1 tsp to any mask.

The modern beauty industry is developing very quickly, coming up with more new technologies and formulas that allows you to quickly return to its natural shade. The main thing is to have patience, do not forget to properly care for your hair, and then the result will not keep itself waiting.