Deep hair restoration

What woman does not dream of thick, manageable, shiny locks?! But, unfortunately, they often "fail" their – tired and sick. The most common diagnosis – violation of the hair structure.

Each hair starts in the follicle – hole, surrounded by sebaceous glands, which are the root and the follicle. The outer part is the core, which consists of three layers: the cortex and the cuticle. If you encounter problems in the debugged system slows down cell division in the bulb, and destroyed the cuticle cease to perform their protective functions.

Signs of damaged hair

  1. loss;
  2. thinning and split ends;
  3. difficulty in laying;
  4. confusion and difficulties when combing;
  5. the tarnish.

In order to regain hair health and attractive appearance, you can use my grandmother's old secrets and folk remedies for recovery. But any application method may be inappropriate for a particular type of skin or hair, cause allergic reactions due to individual intolerance. It is better to use new efficient tools, which have balanced composition and are designed to solve specific problems.

Methods intensive repair

Doctors and beauticians are constantly working to create innovative methods and products for deep recovery.

In challenges of new technologies includes:

  1. the revitalization of the follicles;
  2. strengthening and nourishment of the roots;
  3. color retention and gloss;
  4. moisturizing dry and brittle hair.
  5. attractive appearance

For this purpose several types of procedures based on modern techniques:


The main material in the structure of the rod – keratin. Additional protein strengthens and regenerates cells from the inside, envelops and protects the outside. The procedure is suitable for any type of hair and can help even in the most difficult situation. Keratin recovery is completely harmless, because it is based on natural products. Other advantages of the method : quick results, long lasting effect and the ability to self-treatment, using professional kits for keratinization. Subsequently, the long hair does not require styling, the curls look healthy and well groomed.


The loss of protein, the hair becomes shapeless, increased number of split ends. The procedure has several options that apply protein masks, cocktails, creams and sets for comprehensive care. The result of the action of the protein products based on natural ingredients noticeable after the first use. Changes are: removing split ends, increasing volume, acquiring softness and Shine.

Shock therapy

If the hair is exhausted from constant styling and coloring, and time for long-term rehabilitation not – we need urgent and effective help. In the kits of intensive therapy usually consists of special shampoos for damaged hair, restoring components, activators of growth, nutrient serums and conditioners. For the treatment are various healthful components such as proteins, plant extracts, vitamins, oil. The procedure can be performed at home, a series of shock therapy is budget the cost.

We can buy kits and individual drugs that will in the shortest possible time to change the condition of the hair. They can cope with the severe damage and provide long-term care and protection. During special promotions some products are sold at reduced prices, the bonus system allows to expect constant discounts.

This Japanese ritual infuses hair with Shine after the first application. Combines comprehensive care for hair and scalp, it "revitalizes" hair of almost any degree of damage. It has the effect of detoxification and mild anti-inflammatory action on the scalp, promotes healthy hair growth.

Contains a unique complex of antioxidants of natural origin that block the effects of free radicals, prolonging youthfulness of the hair. Goes perfectly with the coloring. The hair with unsurpassed Shine and strength after the first program.Salon treatments Infinity Aurum Salon Care – a combination of latest technology and natural ingredients of natural origin.

In the program of Absolute happiness uses 9 unique in its composition and operation of products.

1. Cleansing mousse and mousse to hydrate.

Action: deep and gentle cleansing of the orifices of the hair follicles from dirt and prepares hair and scalp for the upcoming care. While maintaining a healthy lipid balance of the scalp, given the flexibility and pliability to hair.

2. Protein serum.

Effect: preparing the hair for intensive repair. Is a uniform distribution of components of care in the structure of the hair and preserving the integrity of the molecular structure of the hair.

the preparation of the structure of the hair

3. Serum FREE.

Action: fills the intercellular space, deeply moisturizes the hair and prepares the hair structure to restore. Supplies the hair with lipids and ceramides.

4. Serum NMF.

Action: moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes damaged hair that has lost structure.Restores the intercellular. Nourishes hair with amino acids.

5. Serum RRT.

Effect: gives elasticity and flexibility of damaged hair. Thickens and nourishes the hair. Supplies the hair with protein, rice, wheat, soy and silk.

6. Serum Element Fix.

Action: fixes and consolidates all of the serum inside the hair, restores flexibility and elasticity. Forms a protective shell.

7-8. Intensive cream to moisturize and strengthen the hair.

Effect: makes hair silky, soft, yielding packing and straightening, density, elasticity.

9. Fixative gel.

Action: establishes the components in the hair and completes the program. Promotes deep and uniform penetration of components of care to the hair structure.

The cumulative effect of the course of treatments reconstruction of the hair Absolute happiness gives lasting results for many months.

The cost of the procedure at:

Hair restoration in the salon is aimed at working from the inside. Most often experts use a moisturizing and intensive nourishing masks and specialized serums with a high concentration of active substances. The procedure begins with cleansing with shampoo, followed by application of masks or serums together with heat or massage, and the final stage is a balm.

Hair and suffer from frosts, and from the sun, from wind, and from mechanical and chemical damage from thermal effects. Curls lose their luster and natural structure, turning into dull and lifeless. New tools manufacturers aimed at deep repair hair professional care to avoid the damage. The latest technologies are many, now familiar in beauty salons.


One of the most modern techniques is recovery. Hair in the end looks healthy, and the curls acquire well-groomed appearance in just one session. The need for daily styling or disappears completely. The merit of this action a component of the keratin in the hair after penetration. It protects the follicles from damage, enveloping them from the outside.

The condition of the hair is substantially improved after one session. The holding of such salon procedures for hair restoration is indicated for any type and condition of hair. Harmless keratin treatment, as in the preparations for implementation contains only natural ingredients. Beauty and healthy tresses continue to a few months.

Keratin recovery is available to virtually all and therefore enjoys high popularity.

Keratin not only has a protective function. He fills the void inside the hair. In the end, the hair becomes silky and alive. Therefore, a double effect: the straightening and restoration occur simultaneously.

The session starts with cleansing the curls. Use only shampoos. How to recover the structure of the hair in the future? Hair processed with keratin restores. Each is applied to the keratin and hair are dried with the Hairdryer. The final step is straightening the hair.

The duration of the procedure up to two hours. After its completion for the past three days is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Hair cannot be washed and need to protect from moisture. To wear hats, braid your hair or use Bobby pins to them is prohibited. Shampooing is allowed only shampoos without sulfates and salts. However, the hair before and after restoration are distinguishable even at a cursory glance.

The result determines the qualifications of the master, and the sense of saving on quality whatsoever. The radiance and the natural power will return to the Brazilian recovery. And the merit of the technique in removing hair from effect to any treatment of the curls.

Brazilian recovery

The name comes from a country where the procedure was performed for the first time. The secret of the effect of professional treatment and hair restoration – treatment with high content of proteins. All the missing health items hair get out of him.

The extract used in the preparation is produced from sheep's wool. Its composition is almost similar to the proteins of human hair. In each proteins penetrate deep into the hair strengthened, filling the void and sealing the outer layer is sealed.

After each session the hair color becomes more intense, and eliminates static, unruly curls and unwanted frizz. Without the use of additional drugs hair smoothed, acquiring a well-groomed appearance and beauty.

Brazilian recovery chemical treatment of curls is not. Keratin proteins are a natural way to restore hair from the inside giving the hair the necessary smoothness, obedience. After the Brazilian treatment does not need irons, stylers and other beauty gadgets. The usual blow-dry hair as soon as after the salon.

The restoration of follicles of hair more often shown after bleaching, hair coloring, with brittle, dry, to improve the structure of curls of all types. But the greatest effect is achieved on locks of dyed: color is retained and the hair a spectacular Shine with iridescence.

The result stays on the hair for up to four months because of the hair keratin is washed out slowly. Repeat the treatment on curly locks will have three months later, on painted – just after four. The result after a session is saved, and a quick hair restoration is permitted daily. In the first stage, the hair is intensively purified, becoming. The special-composition is then applied and is drying. With the help of hair rectified.

Shock hair restoration

Deep reconstruction, restoration of lost health of hair is shock recovery. It is especially recommended to undergo the procedure after lightening or frequent and regular use of beauty gadgets.

Deep reconstruction

Reconstruction is achieved due to the possibility of deep penetration of the compositions into the hair. First, the hair is cleansed from dirt shampoo with a neutral pH plant extracts. Curls are a quality cleaning without damaging the structure.

Then connecting an activator of curls with a special oil to condition lightweight mousse, the practitioner applies the received weight to the hair leaving for a few minutes. Rinse the mixture is important with plenty of water.

The curls formed a protective skin, and further damage to the hair is not terrible. At the end of the procedure, followed by drying. For salon treatments include hair restoration, element of which is a sealing.

Hair in the end gain the volume and a more attractive appearance. Holding a shock treatment is recommended once a month, a week before staining. The composition is visibly washes away the paint from the hair.

Quick recovery

To the salon of recovery it is necessary to know the condition of the hair. And diagnose can independently at home. Pulling hair, you need to put it in the water.

If he drowned, the hair requires urgent rehabilitation, remained on the surface – enough usual care. Conventional treatment takes at least a month. But there is an intense procedure that accelerates the process. This lamination and restoration.