5 most effective home restoring hair masks

Taking vitamins and changing hair care, undoubtedly, will bear fruit and restore your hair. However, to get noticeable results you want immediately instead of after a month. In this case, you should try the restorative hair mask. Their effect is noticeable after the first application and with continuous use, you'll strengthen your hair.

The mask required for damaged hair, weakened by the use of on NoDictionaries funds, dyeing or perming.

You can buy restorative hair mask in specialized stores or make them at home.

Homemade restorative hair mask

Hair mask is easy to prepare at home. Usually it consists of a simple, inexpensive and available ingredients, such as yogurt, mayonnaise, honey, eggs and various vegetable oils. mask

We offer you 5 effective homemade recipes for rejuvenating hair masks. Them enough to use once a week, but long-term results, apply the mask need to regularly.

Methods of making masks quite a lot. However, the basic rules are the same:

  • You need to take only fresh ingredients. It is not necessary to use the products, the shelf life of which has expired. This mask will not have the desired effect.
  • Mix components only in a clean container. It is advisable to use glass or karmic capacity. If you use metal devices may cause chemical reactions, and the mask will lose its healing properties.
  • It is not necessary to prepare for the future.Mixture for application to the hair should be used immediately, the next day it loses its properties and, moreover, can is banal to deteriorate.

How to apply a hair mask at home

After making the mask you should not pull, it is necessary to start the procedure. The product is applied on wet or dry, pre-prepared strands:

  • Comb the hair. So flakes of dead skin will reveal nutrients access to the roots of the hair.
  • Take a little weight on your fingertips and apply on the scalp, gently massaging.
  • Spread the remaining mixture over the entire length of the curls. Very convenient to use a comb with rare teeth.Pay more attention tips, especially if they are damaged.
  • Wear a plastic shower cap or wrap hair in cling film. For better absorption of funds, wrap head in a towel.
  • Keep the mask within the time specified in the recipe. Usually it takes from 30 minutes to one hour.

Rinse with a mild shampoo and rinse your hair with warm, but not hot water.

Revitalizing mask for damaged hair with yogurt

Kefir hair mask is a simple and versatile way to restore damaged hair. Buy yogurt high-fat, warm to room temperature and apply on hair. Hold it for at least an hour, then rinse. To get rid of peculiar smell of yogurt, after washing rinse your head with vinegar solution or lemon juice. For a better effect can add to the yogurt a couple of tablespoons of olive or other vegetable oil.

Mask to restore damaged hair with yogurt and egg

Another revitalizing mask for hair with in addition to kefir includes honey and eggs. A bit of yogurt (no more than three tablespoons), mix with beaten egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey. The mixture is applied to the entire length of hair, including the roots and leave for an hour. After the specified time, rinse the hair using ordinary shampoo. hair with yogurt and egg

Homemade mask for hair restoration with cocoa

Excellent effect gives the mask for damaged hair with yogurt and cocoa. A glass of buttermilk mixed with two large spoons of cocoa, add a few drops of olive oil and egg yolk. To cocoa dissolves better, the mixture can be slightly heated in the microwave. Keep on hair for about 40 minutes. In addition to the restoring effect, the mask has a firming property.

Home revitalizing hair mask with yogurt and mayonnaise

Mask with mayonnaise is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Give preference to a homemade mayonnaise on, they can even cook it themselves. For mayonnaise on restorative hair mask take an egg and one quarter Cup of yogurt and mayonnaise. First, whisk the egg, add the mayonnaise and yogurt and mix thoroughly. Massage mask into hair, put on a shower cap and leave for an hour. Rinse with shampoo and rinse with room temperature water.

Mask for dark hair with coffee and cognac

Mask with cognac and coffee perfectly restores the hair and gives dark hair a nice chocolate shade. To prepare the mask you need two eggs, 1.5 tablespoons of brandy and teaspoon of quality ground coffee. Mix the ingredients and apply on unwashed hair. Put on the head of a plastic cap, wrap a towel and leave for half an hour. Rinse with cool water.

Revitalizing mask for damaged hair with avocado

Avocado masks for hair moisturizes and strengthens hair, makes them Shine and elasticity. To prepare the hair mask you need a ripe avocado pulp, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons of almond or olive oil. Combine ingredients and mix until creamy monotonous mass. Apply mask to hair, leave on for half an hour and rinse with shampoo. avocado

Homemade mask for hair with castor oil

Great healing and moisturizing effect even for very damaged hair has a mask with castor oil and egg yolk. One egg yolk you will need one tablespoon of castor oil. For long hair the amount of ingredients should be increased, while maintaining this ratio. Apply the mask on your hair, put on a shower cap and be sure to cover your head with a towel. This restoring mask for the hair it is advisable to keep on your head as long as possible — ideally 3 hours.

Nourishing mask for damaged hair rye bread

This mask is especially beneficial for the hair and recently had staining. Its preparation is very simple. Two hundred grams of rye bread pour one Cup of boiling water and allow to infuse for half an hour. The resulting slurry was distributed over the hair, wait 30 minutes, then carefully wash off water. If you want to intensify the effect, to the bread, you can add the yolk of one egg, a spoonful of honey and the same of ground mustard. All thoroughly, gently apply on hair and leave for one hour. At the end rinse well with warm water.

Revitalizing mask for hair from black tea

This mask gives the hair Shine, making them soft and manageable. Brew strong black tea with no flavorings. Add a drop of Jasmine essential oil and let cool. After you have washed your hair with shampoo, rinse the still wet hair resulting broth. Wait 15 minutes and rinse strands with warm water.

Homemade mask for hair restoration with ginger

Ginger is a rich pantry of useful substances. In masks he actively affects the scalp, increasing hair growth, restores their structure, nourishes them with vitamins and essential trace elements. For the mask take two tablespoons of ginger powder, yolk of one egg, two big spoons of honey. Mix ginger and honey, add the beaten yolk. Mix well until a homogeneous mass and apply on the hair avoiding the roots. Wrap head with a towel for half an hour. After that, rinse the mixture with warm water without shampoo. ginger

Home revitalizing hair mask with linseed oil

The unique properties of linseed oil have long been known. This is a great solution for damaged and dried hair with bad ends.For the mask you will need a couple of spoons of Flaxseed oil and a few drops of any citrus essential oil (orange, grapefruit), which contains a lot of vitamins and mineral acids. Apply the mixture not only on the hair itself, but also on the roots. However, you should not keep the mask longer than 15 minutes: active acid in citrus oils can cause redness of the scalp. Left overs are washed in warm water using mild shampoo.

Revitalizing hair mask from yeast

For weak and brittle hair there is nothing better than a mask based on the dry yeast. Slightly heat the milk and put to it a little package of dry yeast. Steep for 15 minutes, then stir in the yolk of one egg and a large tablespoon of olive oil. Mix well and spread evenly on dry hair. Leave on for half an hour, then rinse with cool water with a drop of shampoo.

Mask for hair with banana and avocado

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the banana paired with the avocado gives a tremendous restorative effect. For the mask, use soft ripe fruit. Mash the fruit to a pulp, add the yolks and a large tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to hair and be sure to wrap it in a towel. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with a non-aggressive shampoo.

Home revitalizing hair mask with aloe

For the treatment and regeneration of damaged hair healthy juice aloe. It contains a lot of vitamins, strengthens hair and gives it a healthy appearance. The easiest recipe is to mix a tablespoon of aloe juice with two egg yolks. Apply to hair for 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Shampoo to use is not necessary. aloe