Restore color gray hair

Gray hair is a natural consequence of age, grey locks usually people start to find themselves around the age of 40 years. Have blond gray hair appears a little earlier, the dark-haired little later. However, a lot of people find my first gray hairs at the age of 25 years, and this causes them to attend to the problem of restoring hair color.

why hair turns gray

Why hair turn gray?

Hair lose the pigment as a result of severe psychological trauma, chronic stress, health problems due to the abuse of alcohol, taking certain medications, after surgical anesthesia. Gray also provoke disturbances in the internal organs, for example thyroid dysfunction, and imbalanced nutrition, causing the body starts to experience lack of many important minerals, such as copper and zinc. We can not exclude a genetic predisposition, often referred to as the cause of platinum hair.

Hair color responds melanin - the pigment that produce located in hair follicles melanocytes cells. The reduced activity of melanocytes with age and explains why your hair turns grey. To stop premature graying, you need to renew biological processes in the hair follicles.

Methods of dealing with early gray

Devoid of pigment, the hair becomes hard and noticeably stand out against the natural colors, in addition, visually add the owner of the excess years. Unfortunately, there is no radical way to bring back the natural color pigment devoid of hair, but graying can be prevented.


Professional paint will help hide the gray, however, they contain chemical components, weakening and damaging the hair structure. After 3-4 weeks the hair will have to touch up, because the roots start to grow.

If gray hair is not much, can help the conditioner or shampoo which shade must match the natural hair color.

Among the cosmetic products are:

  • coloring shampoos;
  • air conditioners;
  • cream;
  • sprays-toners.


If the cause of premature graying lies in the lack of vitamins and minerals, prevent further discoloration can taking multivitamin complexes for hair. For example, in the line of ALERANA® is vitamin-mineral complex that contains 18 active ingredients including vitamins B12, C and E, beta-carotene, influencing the synthesis of melanin. However, the complex improves the condition of the hair and scalp, reduces hair loss.


In the process of formation of melanin involves amino acids such as tyrosine and tryptophan. To activate the production of pigment in the body is to eat more foods rich in these amino acids. Tyrosine contains, for example, in foods such as liver, meat, fish, seafood, beans, almonds, avocado. Sources of tryptophan are brown rice, dates. Both acids are abundantly present in peanuts and bananas.

Necessary for the production of melanin carotene, vitamins C, E, And contained in grains and cereals. A lot of carotene in vegetables and fruits orange (peaches, melon, etc.). An important role in the synthesis of melanin performs vitamin B10 which is present in grains and cereals, wholemeal bread.

In the diet include dairy products, butter, seaweed, sesame seeds, black beans, remember that the key to health - good nutrition; follow the essential daily ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Modern cosmetology

Mesotherapy is an injection method that allows to deliver the vitamins, minerals and growth factors of plant origin directly to the hair follicles. In the Arsenal of cosmetologists and doctors - trichologists there is a large selection of mesotherapeutic drugs that allow for exchange application to solve various problems of hair and scalp, particularly effective in the treatment of graying hair.

For this run the injection of cobalt and platinum hair to become a lot less.

folk remedies

Folk remedies

If you do not want to use chemical dyes, you can use traditional recipes that will help you to eliminate existing gray hair, give a slight tint to the hair and prevent further graying.

Work well recipes based on black tea. They have a staining effect and is suitable as a care procedure.

Conditioner - conditioner: use after each hair wash.

  • 4-6 tbsp Lapsany tea in 1 liter of boiling water
  • 2-3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

Close the vessel filled with boiling water the tea leaves cover and steep until cool. The cooled liquid pass through a sieve and heat. Then pour the infusion in a large bowl, over which it will be convenient to rinse hair, and add Apple cider vinegar. Leaning over a bowl, do at least 15-30 puriter lauit with bowls. After that, the hair should be overcome, not blotting with a towel and let them dry naturally.

Note: rinse is not recommended for use on freshly painted chemical dyes the hair.

Mask tea: use once in 2-3 weeks.

  • 4 tbsp of black tea Lapsany
  • ¼ Cup water
  • 2 tbsp cocoa

The composition is poured into the pan, put on fire, the pan covered with a lid. You need to simmer the liquid over low heat for 30-40 minutes. The resulting slurry was filter through a gauze and finely chop to a thick state. Take the pulp depending on hair length, mix and add the cocoa powder. If quievit paululum civitas slurry it is too dry, add a little boiled water, or the remnants merged with pans of water or a little warmed red wine (the wine will give a reddish tint to the hair).

Apply the mask be clean dried hair as well as paint: the rows carefully from the root, spreading along the entire length of hair. Then wrap hair in a bun, cover with plastic cap and top of the bath towel. The exposure time of the mask from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the desired hue. After some time, wash off the mask, the hair is easy to get wet with a towel and allow them to dry naturally. Attention: apply the mask you need to wear gloves to avoid staining skin. A better mask to test for individual strands, selected from below to see exactly how your hair will react to natural dye.