15 best shampoos for hair restoration

Women are willing to spend a lot of time and money to look chic. One of the indicators of health – groomed hair. Blow drying, straightening, Curling, blow – it all injure your hair from day to day, so you need to remember that they need help to recover. After treatments and chemical treatments, the hair is the most vulnerable to external factors such as smog, couples and allocation of urban industry. Properly selected shampoo can not only efficiently carry out its original function, clean the scalp and hair, but also to remove irritation, restore damaged follicles, to reduce the amount of split ends, nourish with moisture.

shampoo to repair damaged hair

Shampoo had to combine 6 qualities:

  1. Impurities;
  2. Fills the follicles and minerals;
  3. Increases blood flow;
  4. Radiance;
  5. Prevents hair loss;
  6. Has the effect, soothing the scalp.

It is undesirable to use the same shampoo on a regular basis, as it can be addictive, then the effect of it will be no, more than that, the hair will quickly become dirty, and in severe cases, fall out. To avoid all this trouble, experts recommend once a month to change the shampoo. There are a lot of them, both for salon use and for home, on any budget.

Best professional revitalising shampoo

Hairdressers and specialists of beauty salons should not use the first arm means on care of hair. For professionals developed separate lines, but such funds can be purchased for home use, but their cost is higher than that of the products of the mass market. It is worth noting that the high price has never been a guarantor of quality, however, justified the assertion that quality, sometimes rare ingredients that significantly increase the price tag of the product, and the high price it charges for the visible effect. Brands value their reputation and deliver professional products from harmful dyes and perfumes, replacing them with organic equivalents, and the concentration of useful components in them are always higher.

Best budget revitalising shampoo

Vitamins, oils, plant extracts can also be kept in cheap shampoos. However, more often, from a number of rejuvenating properties, such media carry only glitter effect and volume of hair, so the shampoo out of the mass market is perfect for home everyday use thin, sparse hair. You can find them in any store near the house and they are trusted by millions of women.

Damaged hair need nutrition with moisture and vitamins and for hair need to find a shampoo able to preserve the color, prolonging its richness, recreating the effect of the new color. Greater care in need of hair color blonde. From decoloratio means the follicles are much thinner and the natural pigment melanin ruthlessly destroyed.