The best rescuers: how to restore damaged hair?

Dyeing, use of hair dryer, hair straightener, Curling iron, and on NoDictionaries means harm to our hair. Over time, they become dry and thin, and the ends begin to split. Tell how to restore hair at home and return them strength and Shine.

For repair damaged hair is to acquire special tools, aimed at solving the problem. Such beauty products moisturize and nourish hair, return you healthy, Shine and radiance.

Especially don't count on the action of the shampoo – after all, its main task is to efficiently clean hair. So look to resina, masks and oils are the best means for hair restoration, and they are in the range of almost every brand. Don't count on quick effects – most likely, the process will take several months. So take care for products that are composed of silicone – it will provide only a visual effect.

hair restoration

Masks for hair restoration

Pay attention to masks for hair restoration – they are the most common means to solve the problem. Choose beauty products with extracts of natural oils such as jojoba oil, wheat germ, Shea butter or castor. Also pay attention to the presence of panthenol, proteins and amino acids.

Mask to restore is to do 2-3 times a week until you see the first results. After that, the number can be reduced. Pay attention to our selection of the best masks for hair restoration.

Oil for hair restoration

Another magical product, which helps to revive the hair, are a variety of oils. Oil mask will help restore dry hair, as they moisturize and fill gaps in the hair structure. We recommend you to try coconut, burdock, castor, and even olive oil – you can find them in a pharmacy, and also among the products of famous brands.

To add to the main product, a few drops of essential oil of ylang ylang, frankincense or Jasmine. The entire length will pass through the hair oil and wrap them in cellophane. If the hair is mostly damaged at the ends, will be enough after shampooing to walk on the tips of the oil and leave them to dry.

Restoration of hair after dyeing

Restore hair after dyeing requires special measures. Pay attention to the shampoos, conditioners and masks that are designed specifically for colored hair. Try to wash your hair too often and pick a wooden comb, which is less likely to be hurt the hair. For a long period will have to be postponed a Hairdryer, Curling iron and other styling instruments. On the beach in any case. head in the sun – your strands should be covered with a hat or a cap. To restore hair after bleaching follow the same rules.