Funds to restore the structure of damaged hair

What woman does not dream of thick, manageable, shiny locks?! But, unfortunately, they often "fail" their proprietresses get tired and sore. The most common diagnosis violation of the hair structure.

professional tools for hair restoration

Each hair starts in the follicle of the hole, surrounded by sebaceous glands, which are the root and the follicle. The outer part is the core, which consists of three layers: medulla, cortex and cuticle. If you encounter problems in the debugged system slows down cell division in the bulb, and destroyed the cuticle cease to perform their protective functions.

Signs of damaged hair

  • loss;
  • thinning and split ends;
  • difficulty in laying;
  • confusion and difficulties when combing;
  • caduca and dullness.

In order to regain hair health and attractive appearance, you can use my grandmother's old secrets and folk remedies for recovery. But any application method may be inappropriate for a particular type of skin or hair, cause allergic reactions due to individual intolerance. It is better to use new efficient tools, which have balanced composition and are designed to solve specific problems.

Methods intensive repair

Doctors and beauticians are constantly working to create innovative methods and products for deep recovery.

In challenges of new technologies includes:

  • the revitalization of the follicles;
  • strengthening and nourishment of the roots;
  • color retention and gloss;
  • moisturizing dry and brittle hair.

For this purpose several types of procedures based on modern techniques:

Keratin care

The main material in the structure of the core of keratin. Additional protein strengthens and regenerates cells from the inside, envelops and protects the outside. The procedure is suitable for any type of hair and can help even in the most difficult situation. Keratin recovery is completely harmless, because it is based on natural products. Other advantages of the method : quick results, long lasting effect and the ability to self-treatment, using professional kits for keratinization. Subsequently, the long hair does not require styling, the curls look healthy and well groomed.

professional tools for hair restoration shampoos

Dapibus recovery

The loss of protein, the hair becomes shapeless, increased number of split ends. The procedure has several options that apply protein masks, cocktails, creams and sets for comprehensive care. The result of the action of the protein products based on natural ingredients noticeable after the first use. Changes are: removing split ends, increasing volume, acquiring softness and Shine.

Shock therapy

If the hair is exhausted by the constant unda, styling and coloring, and time for long-term rehabilitation not need immediate and effective help. The set for intensive care usually includes special shampoos. for damaged hair, restoring components, activators of growth, nutrient serums and conditioners. For the treatment are various healthful components such as proteins, plant extracts, vitamins, oil. The procedure can be performed at home, a series of funds. for shock therapy is budget the cost.