Sprays for hair restoration

Today every line of cosmetics for hair you can find sprays. Indeed, these funds have become popular due to the ease of application and the possibility to solve several problems.

Why the need for sprays?

The uniqueness of the sprays is that they can be used to all the girls. Even if the hair is in good condition, correctly chosen remedy will serve as prevention of possible problems. However, if the hair is already damaged, the spray will be a great help in eliminating these injuries.

spray for hair restoration

The main problems faced by the owner of the dry hair:

  • breakage and cross-section throughout the length of the hair;
  • lack of gloss and dull color even for hair that just painted;
  • electrified hair and shove;
  • tresses is hard to comb and styling lasts a very short time;
  • the hair falls out.

Such problems can often be accompanied by increased sensitivity of the scalp. Owner dry damaged hair complain of itching, flaking skin, dandruff.

Quality tool can handle:

  • with dry hair is to nourish them with moisture and vitamins;
  • protect from high temperatures to save from ultraviolet radiation or exposure to hot styling devices;
  • glue split ends;
  • to reduce breakage and hair loss.

The types of sprays for hair restoration

Manufacturers offer different types of sprays which can solve different problems. The advantages of such a wide choice is obvious — you can choose between spray or combine during a home hair care of several tools.

When you purchase a spray, do not forget that this tool is primarily a Supplement to the basic care, for properly selected shampoo and resinam, special masks and oils.

Moisturizing spray

The sun, heating, treatment with a hair dryer or staining — all this adversely affects the condition of the hair. It is therefore important to use these sprays, which allow curls to keep in moisture. Usually, moisturizing sprays contain the following components:

  • liquid keratin which helps to make hair soft and silky;
  • vitamins for power locks;
  • essential oil;
  • some sprays can contain silicones, allowing to obtain a moisturizing effect instantly.

When you select should pay attention to the presence of hyaluronic acid. It is great to protect each strand from the inside, saturating it with moisture, restoring moisture balance and curls, and scalp.

Spray-thermal protection

When restoring damaged hair, the main task — to eliminate the causes of dryness. Spray heat protection is ideal to limit the harmful effects of high temperatures. Such sprays are applied before the stacking procedure or before leaving the house in hot weather.

When the locks on the effect of high temperature, the keratin scales are lifted, hair loses moisture. Scelerisque praesidio sprays envelop each hair, creating a protective barrier. The education barrier is "responsible" silicone, and vegetable proteins from wheat or silk give hair a healthy Shine and glow.

Sprays for hair growth

Sprays, designed to awaken the hair follicles and accelerate the growth of healthy hair generally vary in their composition.

Other sprays

The range of cosmetic lines represented sprays to restore the structure of hair. There are tools specifically for split ends. They are distinguished by a heavier structure, required the presence of silicone in the composition — he glues the scales on the surface of the hair and binds split ends. This spray has a sense only be applied directly on cut.

To neutralize the electrification, especially in winter when hair hidden under a cap, there are sprays with antistatic effect. The composition must be of high quality silicones. Cheap components can only harm the hair, to weight them, which will lead to breakage.

Owners have long hair it is recommended to use a spray to facilitate combing. Split ends and dry hair can knot and tangle in knots, or, conversely, scatter from magnetic radiation. This condition causes improper hair care — improper shampoo or combing the tresses right after shampooing. The spray needed to hydrate each strand to maximize smooth scales and to prevent tangles.

The choice of a spray composition

For whatever purpose, not delectus tool, there are several components that are universal in their positive impact:

what spray to restore hair better
  • argan oil —nourishes hair follicles and prepares them for the creation of new hair;
  • burdock oil strengthens hair roots and eliminates dandruff;
  • coconut oil improves the microcirculation in the upper layers of the dermis;
  • vitamins A and E increase resistance of hair to the harmful effects of the environment;
  • chamomile stimulates circulation.

The advantages of sprays

Advantages of sprays for hair restoration, judging by the reviews, obvious means can be quickly and easily applied to the hair at any time. Due to the rather compact utres spray you can carry with you and use as needed.

Tools indispensable when you need to get your hair to moisten, to give instant Shine. And when properly selected composition of the sprays will have no less strong a long-term effect.