Hair restoration in the home

Hair straightening irons are used, also adversely affect their condition.


Of course, today, coloring tools and styling tools are no longer as aggressive as before, but still, without proper hair care can cause them great harm. Hair can start falling out, their ends, and the natural Shine is lost.

But even those women who never resorted to coloring and perms, highly recommended beauty treatments that can be done in a salon by special means or homes by masks.

Homemade masks for hair restoration there are various purpose – nourishing, caring, growth-promoting, and many others.

Performing such treatments at home regularly, you can achieve excellent results, or rather, a quick and complete recovery of damaged hair. The more home remedies based on folk recipes and do not require significant material costs. Importantly, the composition was freshly made.

Just coloring the hair, you can see how pretty they are.

But over time, a few days is the deterioration of the appearance of the hair due to the gradual leaching when washing balm that is present in the paint.

To restore color, you can prepare a mask made from a tablespoon of castor oil and two egg yolks. First, the composition applied to the roots, and then distributed to all of the hair. To help even distribution will help the comb with a few teeth. The composition is applied approximately one hour.

Hair restoration in the home and characteristics of care in different seasons

The hair will certainly need restoration. We all know the adverse exposure to hot, dry air and UV rays.

Especially the hair needs additional care after a trip to the sea, where they were exposed to salt water.

Oil for hair in winter

oil for hair

In particular, the hair need to be cared for in winter, when due to the negative influence of heating appliances they accumulate static electricity. This leads to poor appearance of the hair, dryness and breakage.

In the winter and spring period of time to restore the hair need oil vitamin mask. It really helps in this case, the composition consisting of burdock and sea buckthorn oil in equal proportions.

Mixing these components, they should add vitamin E in the amount of one teaspoon and the same amount of vitamin A. This amount of ingredients is medium length hair.

For short and long hair, number of components need to be adjusted. Oil mask usually applied for a long time, to give the opportunity how should vitamins to penetrate the hair. You need to wash them carefully several times with shampoo.

Folk remedies for repairing damaged hair

Hair restoration cognac

Improve your hair at the same time giving them density and strength, will help mask of egg yolk, small amounts of brandy – approx 2 tablespoons, which added to any vegetable oil.

Mustard for hair restoration

Also since ancient times known beneficial effect on the condition of the hair of mustard, which stimulates circulation. Due to this, the roots get the nutrients that promotes faster hair growth.

For this mask you need to mix a teaspoon of mustard powder with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. In this mixture need to add a little sugar, egg yolk and a tablespoon of liquid honey, which must be pre-heated "water bath".

All components are thoroughly mixed, and the mixture is applied first to the roots of clean damp hair, and then distributed throughout their length. After applying the mask your hair should cover with plastic cap and wrap a towel.

The duration of the mask – 15-20 minutes.

Onion juice

In "grandma's" recipes restorative masks are often present in onion juice. But because of the peculiar smell this mask is better to do if not planned out of the house.

The hair got extra food and stopped falling out, from the bulbs of medium size are required to prepare juice and mix it with honey in equal proportions. Apply honey-onion mask only on the roots of the hair.

Hair restoration gelatin

gelatin for hair

To nourish hair also use the mask, which is based on gelatin. It's a great tool and its regular use you can get great lasting results.

To make this, simply brew a tablespoon of gelatin with warm water and after it swells, add to shampoo.

After application to the head, shampoo with gelatin should be lightly rubbed into the roots and massage gently, hold for 15 minutes on hair and rinse.

Instead of gelatin you can use a few drops of sea buckthorn oil or a pill of Shilajit, carefully powdered.

Hair restoration in clay

To restore hair and give them extra power in the mask is recommended to add clay. Depending on hair type and condition apply it different types.

For example, to deal with dandruff will help green clay.

Dry hair to use pink clay, and fat clay white.

For clay masks, you need the following – teaspoon of clay, in the same quantities of butter, honey and lemon juice. After mixing the components in mask are added the egg yolk.

After using such masks on your hair you should apply conditioner.

Masks for hair restoration

It is known that adverse environmental conditions, stress, bad habits cause no less harm to hair, than hair coloring and the use of hot plates. Therefore, to restore hair, you must modify the diet by adding vitamins and useful natural products, give up Smoking and alcohol, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit mask

As for more power you can use a hair mask with the use of fruit puree. For this mask will apply to any fruit. They all have vitamins and useful microelements.

3 tablespoons fruit puree mixed with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and the same quantity of glycerol.

Yeast mask for hair restoration

For oily type of hair an excellent effect can be achieved by using yeast masks.

For their preparation are best suited for fresh yeast, which should be diluted in a small amount of warm boiled water, put in a warm place and wait for the start of the fermentation process.

Then to the mixture add the pre-whipped white of one egg, apply to hair and wait for complete drying of the mask, then wash off with water.

Oil for hair restoration

Frequent use of hot plates and irons, the hair will eventually become brittle and dull.

Former beauty and elasticity of the hair will help to return the castor oil or burdock, which can be regularly rubbed into the hair roots for half an hour before shampooing. The hair restoration takes place in a short time.

Oil treatment for hair will help in hair loss or an unsuccessful visit to the hairdresser. In this case, the mask is recommended to be combined with the head massage that improves blood circulation, and as a result, the structure of the hair.

As a massage means you can use any vegetable oil, which before the procedure is necessary to warm up in the microwave or on the "water bath".

Preventive homemade masks for hair restoration

hair masks

It should be remembered that even if at the moment the hair looks great, preventive measures will not prevent them. Also regularly used the restorative hair mask will help to avoid problems with them in the future.

Herbal mask with aloe for hair restoration

A good result brings the mask with aloe. You should first prepare a decoction of burdock root. Two tablespoons will suffice. Then the broth is mixed with such components – aloe Vera juice, onion juice, honey, burdock oil. These ingredients are one tablespoon.

The mixed composition is applied evenly to the roots and the length of the hair. Then the head is worn a cap, and to enhance the action of nutrients in the hair for one hour wrapped in a towel.

In order to remove the smell of onion juice, the hair should be rinsed with water with vinegar. By the way, this will give them extra Shine and silkiness.

Mask to restore lifeless hair

And even if your hair is severely depleted, they can also help regular masks.

For this purpose the following composition: 100 grams of black rye bread without extra additives, egg yolk, teaspoon of castor, burdock or olive oil, onion and lemon juice. These components are taken in equal proportions – one teaspoon.

Bread finely crumble and make a homogeneous slurry with herbal decoction. For its preparation you can use nettle, chamomile or burdock root.

The product is applied to clean damp hair, applying insulation with plastic caps and towels. The duration of the mask – 1 hour.

If you do it regularly throughout the month, you can achieve full recovery of damaged hair.

Thus, the condition of the hair is inseparable from the health of the organism as a whole. Therefore, in order to achieve complete recovery, you must fix the internal problems associated with the disease, unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition.

And masks as a means of extra care, will help finally restore the hair and make them strong, elastic and beautiful.