Restore collagen hair care and straightening

Women at all times strive for perfection. They always have dissatisfaction with their appearance: ladies with straight hair dream of beautiful curls, and owner of curls on the contrary, all the forces trying to get rid of the curls.Today there are quite many methods of straightening curly or unruly capillum. In this article you will learn what is collagen hair straightening, or as they call this procedure collagen hair restoration, as it has a positive effect on hair. You will learn how is the procedure of rectification, its pros, cons, difference from other methods, the cost of the service.

What is collagen

Woman with beautiful hair

Collagen is a protein, the presence of which the body is vital. It performs many functions and is responsible for the beauty of hair, nails, skin. Because exposure to UV rays, Smoking, alcohol, stress, the body can lose such an important item. All reflected on the state of health or appearance.

The shortage of protein in the hair leads to the fact that they become brittle, dull and lifeless, begin to split. The stores offers a wide selection of skin care products, which include the protein. Professionals recommend to use leave-in conditioners or masks, as they are much better shampoos.

The action of the protein can be compared to glue. He holds the scales of hair making them smooth, shiny.Hair looks more healthy and beautiful. Even split ends are sealed and disappear. Although better still to cut off, as it has already destroyed the part that cannot be restored.

For best effect it is better to go to a beauty salon, a trust specialist. Artificially applied collagen will not replace own, but the body begins to produce the protein, as if defending itself from foreign substances.

Collagen or keratin for hair: which is better

Both procedures are intended to straighten the hair, make it silky, manageable. The main difference is the composition: liquid liquid collagen or keratin. Also, the procedure should be chosen depending on the problems, type of hair.

Straightening collagen suitable for those who have hair curly or fuzziness, as well as the owners of brittle dry capillum. Collagen is usually used on curly, dry, frizzy hair. Collagen disciplinarum them, make them shiny, healthy.

Another difference is in duration. Keratin straightening will last about 3-6 months, the collagen — up to 30 days. Kollagenirovanie — rather, Spa treatment, whereas keratin is able to repair, straighten even the most unruly curls.

Attention! Part of the means for rectification on the basis of keratin part metilenglikol, which, decaying, releases formaldehyde — a substance dangerous for the organism as a whole. Collagen mixtures do not contain harmful substances, so to choose them is preferable.

Both procedures are quite expensive and have only a temporary cosmetic effect. However, a more appropriate way to do the hair smooth, docile does not exist.

Price in salon

On average, straightening the collagen will cost you 500 rubles for 10 inches of hair. The price in the salon depends on the length of hair approximately 13-15 thousand rubles for medium length hair, 20-23 thousand — long.

An alternative could be special products (sprays, balms, masks, shampoos) designed for carrying out treatments at home. They are not so expensive, but doing it at home is quite difficult.

Another option yourself getting rid of frizzy hair is hair straightening gelatin — natural sources of collagen.

How is the procedure

This service is popular among visitors of beauty salons. It is carried through several stages, and the result is noticeable after the first procedure.

The stages of the procedure:

Collagen straightening before and after
  1. First, the hair is washed with shampoo. Usually the action is repeated twice with the use of funds for deep cleansing. After shampooing the hair slightly are dried with a towel, the Hairdryer is not used.
  2. The second step is the application of a composition containing collagen. Very carefully considering the tips to the roots. Funds should be enough to not save. After that, for a better distribution of the composition, the hair is combed. Then they favos confingunt ago, removing the parting.
  3. The third stage is drying. For this manipulation use the warm dryer setting. This stage is the longest in time, so as not to miss any strands.

In the end, to make her hair in frusta comminuti, the master treats them special ferro reclusus with thermal protection. Also the action is intended to remove any remaining excess applied. Result after the procedure is amazing: the hair is transformed, becomes elastic, smooth and soft.

Important! Protein tends to accumulate, therefore it is necessary to conduct multiple treatments to achieve maximum results.

The pros and cons

Professionals say that Kollagenirovanie — a procedure that has many advantages. These include:

  1. the stem of each hair is saturated with collagen, it becomes elastic, does not break during combing;
  2. several times increases the volume;
  3. protein creates a surface film which protects it from ultraviolet rays. Hair less dry, broken, split ends;
  4. collagen keeps the level of moisture;
  5. hair less pushitsya and electrified;
  6. collagen literally returns life to tired and dull hair.

Despite the obvious benefits, Kollagenirovanie has some drawbacks:

  • A rather high cost. Given the length that such procedures need several - will be pretty serious amount of money;
  • Amazing effect can only be seen after the first application, subsequent treatments are not as impressive;
  • Gelatin mask gives almost the same effect after three applications.