Split ends hair fast recovery

Unfortunately, for many the dream of having long and beautiful hair remains a dream. No matter how they tried, but the hair does not grow to the right size, and all because they start to split. How to be in this situation? Is there anything you can change? Of course, you can. And for this you need to restore split ends with the help of various cosmetic products, which we now discuss.

But first I would like to talk about the reasons that lead to dry and section hair. After all, if you begin with their elimination, the recovery process ends will be much quicker.

Causes of split ends of hair


Long, thick and shining beauty of the hair are the real pride of a woman. They attract the attention of others and "tell" everyone about her health. After all, our internal state affects our appearance. If a person has health problems, we can observe the deterioration of the skin and nails.

Especially on such changes react to the hair. Greatly cut the tips of the hair become dull and brittle, begin to lose its luster. And if a person be any psychological disorders, it is likely even their hair loss.

So if you have problems with your hair (breakage, dryness, cross section, etc.), you should pay attention to their health. In some cases, the problem with hair can have a very good reason.

In addition, split ends can occur due to disorders of sebaceous glands. Because they produce the production of secretions (subcutaneous fat), which acts as the natural lubricant that protects hair and scalp from the negative impact of negative factors. This provides lubrication and hydration of the hair, which prevents breakage and makes them soft and shiny.

But when the sebaceous glands begin to work in full, natural lubrication simply does not reach the tip. Therefore, they become dry and begin to split. This occurs most often in cases when the hair reaches a length of over 30 cm.

Other causes of split ends of hair

However, if your locks short or medium length and have split ends, it already shows serious violations of the sebaceous glands. Here can play a role such factors as:

  • frequent staining;
  • perms;
  • Smoking;
  • improper diet;
  • diseases of the scalp;
  • internal pathology.

The emergence of such phenomena may also contribute to the tools for hair styling that women quite often use at home. A hair dryer, straightener, tongs, create curls, thermo curler and much more.

All of these tools work due to the high temperatures, which are the main enemies of the hair. Because under their influence the unraveling of scales, located on the barrel of the curl, resulting in hair losing a lot moisture and becomes dry. Its ends begin to split and abrumpere. Therefore, to use these tools for hair styling should be as seldom as possible.

You must have noticed how after you use the dryer the ends of your hair become dry and stiff to the touch. And all because they are damaged during drying. So, if you want to grow long hair, forget about the existence of the Hairdryer and let your curls dry naturally.


The same applies to the use of different cosmetic products for fixing hair (lacquers, mousses, foams, etc.). In their composition there is alcohol which has a drying effect on curls. And too often the impact is adversely affecting the condition of the hair.

Remember that your diet and bad habits can also take a toll on your strands, resulting in highly whipped ends and hair fall. Revise your diet to exclude all fatty and unhealthy, as well as abstain from Smoking and alcohol.

Thus, You will be able to get rid of split ends of hair, and tidy the nail plate, figure, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

How to repair split ends at home?

If you have split ends, the reason for this may hide in the wrong care. Remember, if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, you need to:

  • wash hair as needed (best option – 2 times a week);
  • use of balms and conditioners;
  • hold rinse hair with herbal decoctions;
  • right to dry and style tresses;
  • to do moisturizing and nourishing masks for hair before every wash.

It would seem that here difficult. Almost every woman and so performs all of these items and so. However, are you sure that they are performed correctly? Many even while washing make serious mistakes, which result in cosmetic problems with hair.
Split ends often occur due to improper shampooing. Namely, the result of hard water is the wrong temperature. Today it has become fashionable among women "hardening" hair with cold water. The result of such experiments are often damaged and split ends.

What not to do when you care for split ends hair?


Remember!Cold water is harmful for hair. Its use is not allowed. If you decided to temper your hair, then go with warm to cold water should be gradually, reducing its degree, but in any case not sharp. This will make the curls stiff and dull, they will split and abrumpere.

If you have a combination hair type (oily at the roots and dry at the ends), then you also do not use hot water, as it provokes a strong production of subcutaneous fat, which is concentrated at the roots and not distributed to all of the hair, thereby making the appearance of hair unkempt.

The optimum temperature for washing water – 40C-50C. Such water is ideal for cleansing the scalp and hair of impurities without damage.

However, the application of water, optimum temperature is insufficient to prevent the appearance of split ends. We should not forget that tap water has a high pH level and therefore may cause damage to the hair. And to prevent this, you should use emollients lemon juice, vinegar, infusion of chamomile or some other herbal.

It is also worth noting that the used cosmetic products during shampooing also play an important role in the treatment of split ends. Here you want to use shampoos and conditioners, which are aimed at restoring and sealing the ends.

It is best to use the funds related to the medical or professional lines.
Do not use after shampooing hair dryer, paint my hair once in 4 weeks, you should regularly do Facials and then your hair will Shine with beauty and health.

Recipes rejuvenating masks for hair


Restoration of split ends of hair by using homemade masks prepared from inexpensive natural ingredients available in every home. See below for the best recipes of home masks that you can use to treat your hair.

The mask from yogurt with much split ends of hair

Kefir is a very useful food product, not only for our body but also for hair. It contains in its composition many active ingredients which penetrate into hair and restores it from within.

For cooking reducing mask, you will need 3-4 tbsp of yogurt (preferably use 2.5% fat), raw egg yolk and a tablespoon of liquid honey. First, connect together the yogurt and egg yolk. Whisk them until smooth (for these purposes it is better to use a mixer) and then add to it the honey and all again mix well.

The mask should be spread evenly through the hair, and on top of them to put on a warming cap. Wash off after one hour of normal warm water. After three or four approaches You will be able to effectively treat the hair follicles and remove split ends.

Honey mask

Honey is a natural healer, able to cure almost all diseases. To restore hair it is also used quite often, because it contains many nutrients that have a moisturizing effect on the hair.

To prepare a nourishing mask to restore split ends of hair you will need:

  • onions;
  • liquid honey;
  • any base oil.

Onion you must peel and grate on a fine grater, to obtain a paste. For one procedure you will need about 4 tbsp of onion gruel, which should be connected with 2 tablespoons of honey and the same amount of basic cosmetic oils.

The mask should be kept on the hair for about half an hour. After rinsing you may experience unpleasant onion smell. However, it disappears completely after the drying of the locks, so worry about it not worth it.

Gelatin mask


Gelatin mask today is most popular among women, as its effect can easily be compared with the effect of lamination in beauty salons. Gelatin creates around each hair invisible film that glues the scales and seals the hair ends. Due to this hair gets groomed and beautiful look.

To care for split ends hair will fit the following mask. You will need to buy quality food gelatin. High-quality gelatin is one that has a yellow or clear color and no odor adhesive.

One packet of gelatin, pour a small amount of water in proportion 1:4 and allowed to stand for about half an hour. During this time it needs to swell. Similarly, in gelatinous mass, were no lumps, it should be heated. You can use a water bath or microwave.

Then, in gelatin, you need to add a tablespoon of your favorite conditioner that you use after shampooing, mix and introduce the mixture for another 2 raw egg yolk. Then the mask should be evenly applied to the hair, wrap them with a plastic bag and towel.

Then take a hair dryer and start to warm up the head for 5 minutes. After allow hair to cool 5 minutes and then again use the Hairdryer. And so on for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water and style hair. The effect of lamination you will feel immediately.

Conclusion and recommendations for the care of split ends hair

Remember, restore split ends – a long and laborious process. To do this mask prior to every hair wash. If you do it less frequently, then a positive result you unlikely to succeed and you will have to resort to only one method – to remove split ends.

And since this method implies a reduction of the length of the hair, it does not fit all. So don't be lazy and conduct a variety of beauty treatments for your hair at home and they will definitely thank you!