The best restorative hair masks at home

The problem with hair is the result of many factors. So that you can properly care for them, you need to understand the cause of the deterioration of hair and begin to correct the situation is simple, but effective homemade masks.

problems with the hair

What are the reasons that suffer from hair?

That hair needs recovery, we notice, usually too late. Hair break, lose their luster about the volume, stop growing and do not look healthy. Why this is so:

  • Constant use utyuzhkov, ploek and hair dryers of hair, making them dry.
  • Mechanical damage: metal hair clips and pins, tight bands, wrong comb, etc.
  • Improper diet and stress. If a person lives in a constant nervous stress, eat junk food and not getting outside vitamins and useful minerals, it first hits the the digestive system and they immediately warn of a deterioration of the skin and hair.
  • The impact of the environment. Summer hair can peresushivatsya, if the person is often in the sun. In winter, the difference in extreme temperatures from 20 degrees of frost to natoplennomu to 20-25 degrees, dry air of the room is a huge stress for the hair.
  • Staining, bleaching, and especially bleaching hair automatically puts them into the category of weakened and damaged. Such hair to begin with require hydration and nutrition.
  • To harm the hair and may even incorrectly matched care. The most common mistake when hair dry at the ends and quickly zhirnyashhixsya at the roots, buy shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo dries even more the length, whereas it must be nourished, and the sebaceous glands work more actively. Although just need to choose gentle care based on hair type.

The basic guidelines for recovery

First of all, you need to determine three things, and on this basis to consider your care:

  • type of hair;
  • causes, problems;
  • goal.

For example, the hair is not okrashivalis not peresushivayutsya a Hairdryer, but lost volume and Shine, become dull. The reason is most likely power problems, or nervous tension.

By the way, hair often deteriorate during the period of diet or breastfeeding, when the body does not get a full meal and is in a state of stress. The goal is to return them healthy and blooming. Or the problem of breakage and the section of hair.

strong hair

The main reason for this state – termovozdejstvie (Hairdryer, iron) and/or frequent changes in temperature (for example, street work and visits to bask in the warm room), and use hairpins or Bobby pins to tight hairstyles. In each of these cases need different care guidelines and recovery.

What you need to know about homemade masks:

  • Homemade restorative hair mask made 1-2 times a week.
  • Masks should be done regularly, if you need a different mask, they need to be alternated.
  • Homemade masks for hair restoration need to be alternated with the in-store media. Just for weakened and damaged hair can be suitable means from the mass market, but they provide mostly a visual effect, not affecting the hair inside. obescvechennym hair needs professional shampoos and conditioners that can and should be alternated with homemade vosstanavlivayushhimi masks. It should be remembered that only organic matter (namely organikoj considered homemade mask for hair) can be used only to care for native hair that is not okrashivalis and has not been chemically zavivke.
  • Any homemade mask is sure to cook it at once. Dishes must be ceramic, plastic or glass, but in any case not metal, because metal is oxidized. You can buy a set for making masks, now they are sold, there usually includes a plastic bowl, spoon, measuring Cup.
  • A homemade mask you need to keep the hair long, sometimes even for several hours, so select for these purposes a special plastic cap and a towel.
  • Most restorative masks are applied only on the length, retreating from the roots. This is especially important if your hair is dirty quickly at the roots but dry on the length.

Homemade traditional recipes

Most of the ingredients for rejuvenating homemade masks are in every home, and missing components you can buy at your local pharmacy or cosmetic store.

Basic principles on the use of homemade masks for hair restoration:

  • a mask needs a little warming up, to make it better in a water bath, not microwave;
  • the mask should not be hot, high of 35-40 degrees;
  • revitalizing mask can't contain irritating and razogrevayushhie products (mustard, red pepper, ginger, cinnamon), they only need masks for hair growth and dry hair;
  • the consistency of the mask should be similar to sour cream or magazinnuyu the mask to be conveniently spread on the hair;
  • most restorative masks are applied before washing the head, kept for 1-2 hours and wash off with shampoo, then apply more balm for one minute; if the hair ukladochnyx a lot of funds, you ideally need to wash them with shampoo, then apply and stand a mask and rinse again with shampoo (and conditioner).

Simple oil

Does the oil 3-4 tablespoons at a medium length and density of hair. The oil is heated and applied to the hair. You can take one oil, you can mix several.

Suitable repejnoe, coconut, olive, jojoba, linseed, almond. If your hair is very dry, it is better to start with the jojoba oil, or argan Bay, and in the future to change them.

For osvetlennyx or bleached hair good olive oil, and when the recovery process has already begun, the ideal would be coconut.

repejnoe oil need lifeless, but not peresushennym hair, it strengthens them well. These same properties linseed oil.

damaged hair

kefirnaya mask

Kefir or curdled milk slightly warmed (just below the mask was a bit warmer than room temperature but not warmer, otherwise it will spread). Preheated milk product to put on hair for an hour and a half. Kefir and yogurt is the best way to moisturize hair. Ideally you want to begin the restoration process of the hair with kefirnoj mask, and combine it with nutritious.

uvlazhnyayushhe-nourishing mask with olive and kastorovym oil

1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon castor oil, 1 tablespoon of yogurt. This is one of the most effective masks, it acts in complex: moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens.

For curly hair

1 egg yolk, one spoon of olive oil and castor oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, same amount of honey. Mix all the ingredients until smooth and heat. Curly hair is often dry and pushatsya, this is due to the structure of the hair, which differs from the structure of straight hair. This mask will help to moisturize and nourish hair when used regularly will make the curls more smooth and neat.

vitaminnaya mask

Any hair oil add honey and a few drops of oil solutions of vitamins A and E. These solutions are sold in pharmacies.

The second option is mask is is A and E add one ampoule of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. vitaminnaya mask restores and nourishes the hair. But it can be used at most once in two weeks. For best effect you need to alternate the oil masks with masks without adding oil. So you can create the perfect balance of nutrition and hydration and not perepitat hair.

Oils can be combined with each other, combine with honey or egg yolk. Sometimes you can add essential oil few drops (but not for very peresushennyx hair). This will give a good firming effect.

zhelatinovaya with the effect of lamination

Tablespoon of gelatin, egg yolk, three tablespoons water, 6 tablespoons of hair conditioner. Gelatin should be melted in the water to cool to a temperature of 35-40 degrees, mix it with the balm or mask. Pre-wash your hair with shampoo. The mask is applied to damp hair strand by strand, better brush. Withstand hour under the polyethylene and towel, then rinse.

How to maintain the locks in good condition?

  • Mask desirable to change every couple of months. That is a month or two you can do one set of masks, then a break for a few weeks, then other masks.
  • If the hair is greasy at the roots, you need to rinse well with shampoo the roots, and the length of the rinse foam. To apply the mask only on the length. If the hair is dry and lifeless along the entire length, then you should start from the roots.
  • Make it a rule in each washing hair use a shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo cleanses the hair, opening the scales of the hair, washing out the dirt and dust. And a balm, these scales smooth. If you do not use a balsam, the scales of the hair and will remain open, and is a direct path to breaking and splitting.
  • If the hair is weak and damaged, in no case do not rinse shampoo hard up, unless it is a professional shampoo for deep cleaning.
  • Damaged hair needs not only nourishment, but also hydration.
  • When you use homemade masks important measure: if the masks are too frequent, the hair is easy perepitat and they will hang sosulkami. Better to pick one nutrient and one hydrating mask, and alternate them, doing 1-2 times a week. If you wash your hair often, then do the mask after one wash, that is once washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, next time moisturizing mask, then shampoo+conditioner, then a nourishing mask, and since a few weeks.
  • If you can not abandon the fans and ploek, it is necessary to use termozashhitu, such sprays are sold in every cosmetic store.

Hair restoration is not a quick process but to do it at home is quite possible, if to use a holistic approach. Namely: regular rejuvenating homemade mask for hair correct care, nutrition.

It is also useful to drink a complex of vitamins, it can be a multivitamin or vitamins A and E for hair. Don't forget to cut posechennye the ends every three to four months.