How to restore hair after colouring: recipes for treatment of hair

Restore hair after coloring can take several months. If your hair faded, dry, brittle, or, on the contrary, they urgently needed help. Let's figure out how to restore the former beauty of hairstyles!

restoration of hair after dyeing

Let's deal with the reasons

To deal with problem damaged hair after coloring is always possible. I am particularly in awe of your curls, so use professional cosmetics and I pass by an ordinary hairdresser. To dye hair also decided to expensive salon. Imagine my disappointment when an expensive procedure brought me the most amazing new color... damaged hair. Dry ends and oily roots, lifeless and dull hair – you probably know these "symptoms". But why this happened because the salon was cool, and the paint is professional?!

Of course, it was very disappointing, because I had a long time to restore the beauty of their curls. At the same time I wondered, who is to blame for unpleasant consequences: stylist? Paint? Something else?

And now, after talking with other "victims" from a professional stylist at the famous salon, give the list of enemies of beautiful hair:

  1. Low quality paint. The harmful chemicals that are included with cheap paint that can destroy the luxurious curls and turn them into straw;
  2. Dyes in the composition. These colors affect the structure of the hairs and thinner;
  3. Leaching of trace elements. With frequent staining, especially in the home washed and are essential for healthy hair items, due to which split ends and dandruff appears;
  4. Overexposure of paint. If you overdo the paint on the hair, can burn the delicate curls. As a result, luxurious mane will have to cut off and grow back;
  5. Neglect moisturizing masks. If you do not nourish hair is a useful mask immediately after staining, they will become stiff straw.

Of course, ideally you want to paint as infrequently as possible, use natural dyes (e.g., henna or tonics) or even abandon the procedure. I postpone going to the salon for 4 months, during this time, the hair have time to recover. It just so happened that the beauty demands victims and, therefore, dear ladies, consider ways to eliminate dryness and brittleness.

The rules of recovery

If it turned out that after coloring, your hair has lost its former beauty, approach recovery in a holistic manner. I enclose a list of rules, observance of which saved my curls:

  1. Choose paint that contains no ammonia. The color will go faster, but the hair will remain healthier;
  2. When coloring at home always use a regenerating balm. If you color in the Barber shop, make sure you put the balm after application;
  3. Select cosmetics "hair" – it not so quickly washes away the pigment;
  4. Use a wooden comb or comb. Comb of wood Paula gray plastic hair;
  5. Once a week use a professional or homemade hair mask;
  6. Use a hair dryer, hair iron, curler as little as possible – personally, I withdrew from this type of technology.

Next, we consider the popular recovery tools that you can make at home.

Nature on guard beauty hair

Start treating hair after coloring is using natural means. This economical, and more enjoyable. We will discuss recipes, tested by generations. If you know your method of hair restoration, will share it in the comments!

Please note: to use both natural and professional tools to the mind! Optimal use of masks and cosmetics 1-2 times a week. Once in a month and a half, the tool needs to be changed to avoid habituation to care!

Coconut oil

Personally, I'm ready to sing odes to the natural oil from the coconut. It is able to restore even the driest hair! The tool is applied to entire hair from root to tip, put on a plastic cap, wrap head with a towel and 20-40 minutes doing their business. After this time wash the oil out, rinse with shampoo and dry the hair without a Hairdryer.

Important note: coconut oil should be thoroughly washed off, otherwise hair will be oily.

Egg mask

Every woman has a personal recipe for a hair mask based on the eggs. I will share with you their own: mix egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of cognac and 1 to 3 (depends on hair length) of any air-conditioning. Apply the mask from roots to ends, leave under the hood for 40 minutes. Wash off with warm (not hot!) water and allowed to dry independently.

Burdock and olive oil

Burdock oil is another popular method to restore curls after painting. Now sold-enriched oil, it will quickly restore the not-too-dry hair.

Olive oil in the various masks (for example, mix 2 tbsp oil with 1 tsp lemon juice) will also moisturize the curls. It is noteworthy that olive oil is suitable for all hair types.

Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP)

The popularity of this came recently, but many holders of dry curls already highly appreciated. Nicotinic acid is sold in the pharmacy and presented in the form of ampoules or tablets. Acid rubbed into the roots. In this case, use gloves! As a result, the hair stronger, acquire a desirable Shine and begin to grow faster.

Did you know? Nicotinic acid is used as an additive to food. Vitamin PP improves mood, overall health and appearance of hair, nails and skin.


avocado oil

Delicate, light and delicious fruit also helps to restore hair after colouring. Moreover, avocado is a good shampoo! Mix the pulp of a ripe avocado with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, apply the mixture on the head and after an hour rinse with warm water using shampoo.

We considered the main (but not all) natural remedies that can restore the health of the hair. Unfortunately, not all professional makeup, even the most expensive, will give such a result as natural recipes.

But what about the food?

If you really want to restore the strength and beauty of hair, some masks will not be enough. Reconsider your diet: snacks, sweets harmful, strong coffee is better to refuse, as these products wash out of protein – the basis of our hair.

Food should be rich, bright, light but filling. Eat more vegetables and fruits – they contain vitamins a, b, C and E, are vital to our tresses. Milk, cheese, lean meats, legumes, tofu and other protein products will restore protein balance of the hair structure.

To restore the hair after coloring, follow the simple care tips, often smile and appreciate every day!