Since the invention of persistent hair dyes dyeing of hair has become a popular event for the girls of all ages and nationalities. Someone applying curls to pursuit the fashionable trends, and some are forced to do of necessity, for example, due to the large amount of gray hair that are not decorated appearance.

Unfortunately, due to frequent dyeing tresses deteriorate, and therefore they need special care. Every girl with dyed locks have to know how to restore hair after colouring.

Why is the paint harmful to the hair


All hairdressers, as if by agreement, in their story about the dangers of frequent hair coloring.

And what is this harm?

  • The pigments of the dye penetrate the hair, which he partially destroyed and is fragile.
  • After colouring, the hair is deprived of a significant part of nutrients and trace elements. As a result, the hair ends split and break off.
  • In some cases, from many years of regular coloring of hair, they become stiff as wire. This occurs from the fact that the inside of the hair accumulates an excessive amount of pigment and loss of elasticity.
  • Over time, the strands fade due to the fact that the pigments of the dye pushing the hair scales. As you know, shiny curls just by reason of the snug fit of the scales to each other.

Basic rules for care

  • Avoid dyeing hair during the summer.
  • Keep in mind that too frequent staining affects the quality of the strands.
  • After painting, always use a restorative conditioner for hair.
  • Buy a series of care for colored tresses: shampoo and conditioner.
  • Throw the comb with sharp teeth, use a wooden, as they do not injure the strands.
  • Every day before you lie down in bed after an eventful day, pay a little attention to your hair well comb the strands in different directions. This will add manageability to hair.
  • Do not wash your hair every day, enough to produce this process twice a week.
  • Wet hair, try to dry naturally, after getting out of the shower, Pat the head.
  • Protect your hair from frequent exposure to high temperatures. Do not use on a regular basis the dryer, Curling and straightening tongs.
  • In the cold season be sure to wear a hat, and in summer, covers the hair from the sun.
  • Take a rule to do at home each week nourishing and revitalizing mask for the head.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition, because hair must be satisfied both outside and inside.

Restoration of hair after dyeing


Today there are a lot of different tools to care for colored tresses. They can be purchased in the store or if you wish to cook with their hands from natural and available ingredients.

Shop tools

So what is the easiest way to go to the store and buy a jar of ready mix, let's start with them:

  • Collection of hair care products, which is aimed at restoring hair color after dyeing. The composition of these funds contains a lipid elixir, concentrated protein and microkeratom. These substances penetrate deep into the hair and nourish it, and lipid elixir covers every hair with a protective film.
  • Color restorer hair after dyeing ampoules. It can be purchased in a special store and use at home or to go to a beauty salon and trust the professionals.
  • Mask. Intensively repairs weakened dyeing tresses.

The best folk remedies

Mask to restore color-treated hair, prepared your own at home is attractive because their price is low, because almost all components can be found in the refrigerator, and use natural products are known to all.

Tip! To get from the mask maximum effect, it is necessary during the procedure to insulate the head of the cap cellophane and a thick towel.

  • Much love from the girls enjoyed egg-alcohol mask. Manual its preparation is very simple: 2 egg yolks mix with a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, add a little honey. Then to this mixture, add a splash of vodka and 1-2 ampoules with vitamin a (you can buy in the pharmacy). Ready mix apply on head and leave for an hour.
  • For the mask bp pepper need a week before the procedure to make a tincture from burning vegetable. For this, a quarter of red pepper, pour a quarter Cup of vodka. A week later, the tincture will be ready. One teaspoon pepper infusion dilute in 10 parts of water. Massage into the scalp several times a week. Hot pepper has a stimulating effect, increasing circulation in the scalp, so hair follicles receive more blood supply and oxygen. Hairs become stronger and stop falling out.
  • Famous for their beneficial properties for hair and plain yogurt high fat content. Besides, it is able to lighten the tone of the hair. Cause kefir mask for 40 minutes and then wash off with running water followed by shampooing.
  • You can also try a wonderful mask made of grass and bread.

Please note! For all masks on the basis of bread should take dark rye bread as it contains more beneficial nutrients.

Brew Cup boiling water, herbal blend of celandine, nettle, oregano, plantain and sage. After an hour, strain the infusion and crumble bread in it and stir. RUB mixture into the scalp, cover with polyethylene and a towel, wash off after 2 hours.


Colored hair is able to attract to the views of many people, make the image vivid and memorable. To save all your curls beautiful and healthy you will be able to provide them with regular care.