Hair restoration in the home: rules of recovery

Due to improper care, other external negative factors, the hair rather quickly lose their strength and beauty, and the woman becomes less attractive and charming. It is not surprising that many of the fair half of mankind interested in as being a quick hair restoration at home.

effective hair restoration

This is what we will discuss today, introducing you to several Express methods of bringing the curls back to normal. In particular, we will focus on how their own hands to prepare a mask made of natural ingredients.

General guidelines

First, let us consider the General recommendations and tips on the production, application and flushing reducing compounds. This information will allow you to avoid probable errors that will help to achieve maximum effect.

The main advantages of homemade masks

Decided to restore hair at home? Undoubtedly, this is the right step, because your homemade masks are a lot of advantages over means cosmetic companies.

In particular, the following positive aspects:

  • all natural ingredients;
  • you know exactly what is in the mixture;
  • the price is much lower than the cost of factory balms.

The use of masks to restore curls more profitable and efficient

And with all this efficiency home blends at least not lower than those purchased in the store, and in most cases even higher.

Mixture prepared according to popular recipes ensure your hair:

  • food with vitamins and microelements;
  • complete hydration;
  • Shine and softness;
  • health and strength.
effective recovery hair mask

The rules of cooking

Also there are strict rules for making masks, which must be adhered to if you want to create a valid therapeutic effective compound.

  1. Mix the ingredients you need in a clean container – glass or porcelain.
Please note. Do not use metal containers. In the process of mixing the individual ingredients chemical reactions occur. If metal tableware, to predict these reactions is impossible, but it is likely that most of the nutrients and minerals will perish.

Masks need to cook only from fresh ingredients

  1. Make sure that all the ingredients are fresh.
  2. The recipe always specifies the number of components for one application. The reason is that the mixture can not be stored – they quickly come into disrepair, losing its positive qualities.
  3. To provide an additional effect to enhance the impact of all ingredients, after application, the head it is recommended that polyethylene wrap and a thick towel or warm scarf. The creation of such a kind of greenhouse effect will significantly enhance the positive effects.

Application rules

Instructions for use of folk remedies claims that some mixtures need not be applied after and before shampooing. So carefully read every single recipe to apply the composition right.

Please note. If the mixture is applied after shampooing, be sure to slightly damp curls. They do not need to dry hair dryer – wait till they dry themselves. In a pinch, just wrap with a towel but do not RUB.

Some masks require the creation of "greenhouse effect" — so they will be much more useful

To ensure uniform and proper distribution of funds for the curls, use a flat comb, with the same flat teeth.

You also need to consider the type of hair:

  • if they're fat, pay most attention to the roots and scalp;
  • if the dry – ends.

The time of holding the mask on the head depends on the specific composition of the mixture and specified in each individual recipe. All mixes restorative type are used no more than twice a week.

Rules flushing

It is extremely important to perform proper flushing of compounds from the hair. It all depends on how it was applied to the mask before or after shampooing.

effective hair restoration in the home

In the first case to use:

  • traditional shampoo for you;
  • then treat your hair balm.

In the second case, you just need to wash locks with lukewarm water.

Please note. If the mixture contains egg yolk, rinse hair with cool water you need. Otherwise the yolks will curdle right on the head, and the curls covered the unpleasant flakes, wash which would be extremely difficult!

Prepare masks for different hair types

This section presents a variety of homemade recipes for rejuvenating complex for hair. For your convenience, we have divided them into several sections, depending on the type of curls.

For dry curls

By the way, the mixture will fit in the case, if you are interested in the reconstruction of burned hair in house conditions.

In particular, for dry and dehydrated curls perfect sea buckthorn oil.

In the preparation of masks you need to mix:

  • two tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil;
  • one egg yolk;
  • a tablespoon of fresh bulbous juice;
  • tablespoon liquid natural honey;
  • two drops of vitamin A.

The mixture is applied to hair, evenly distributed over all the hair.

Great effect and has the compound, for the preparation which you will need the following components:

  • tablespoon of burdock oil;
  • a teaspoon of good brandy;
  • tablespoon of honey;
  • one yolk of chicken eggs.

The ingredients you need to mix to obtain a homogeneous mass, and then apply to hair, distributing the weight from root to tip. Wrap hair with plastic and a thick towel, and two hours later wash your usual shampoo.

For oily strands

Most often the problem of excessive fat is properly selected shampoo. Most effectively with this problem struggling alcoholic extracts of herbs, because alcohol dries the scalp.

Tip! If you notice that you have too oily hair, try to wash only with cool water. Warm and hot water activates the sebaceous glands.

A great way to solve the problem is the alcohol mask with egg yolk egg.

For its preparation you need to mix:

  • one yolk;
  • a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol;
  • a teaspoon of clean, warm water.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Before applying the mask, the head must be cleaned. The mixture is kept on the head is not more than fifteen minutes and rinse with plenty of warm, but not too much, water.

Please note. If you do not take care of properly too oily scalp may provoke active hair loss. Which in turn will cause baldness.
effective hair restoration result

We eliminate the problems of hair loss

It is important to understand the difference between the maximum allowed number of hairs left on the comb and the hair loss. If after brushing, you notice three to five separated hairs, nothing serious. If they are more, it is an occasion to think seriously about how to keep her hair.

The first thing you need to do:

  • to normalize the diet;
  • to ensure the intake of vitamins and trace elements;
  • to minimize the negative impact of stress;
  • relaxation;
  • to abandon calefactio of devices for installation of hair dryers, ploek, irons, etc.;
  • to stop dyeing the hair, if you did it regularly or even occasionally.

Great effect has onion mask, which also activates hair growth.

To prepare this mixture you will need:

  • tablespoon liquid natural honey;
  • tablespoon of castor oil;
  • one egg yolk;
  • tablespoon of fresh bulbous juice.

All the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly, until smooth, and then RUB with light, flowing massage movements in the scalp. After that, wrap hair polyethylene, a warm scarf or towel.

Keep the mask for exactly one hour, after which head to wash your usual shampoo. Use this mixture once a week.

Good effect and has a mask made from mustard powder.

To create the tools you will need:

  • tablespoon of clean, warm water;
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil, preferably olive or burdock;
  • one egg yolk;
  • two tablespoons of dry mustard powder.

Of all the components to create a homogeneous slurry, which should be spread over the scalp. Hair wrap head with polyethylene and towel and rinse with.

effective restoration of hair after dyeing

Stop section

And consider how to implement intense recovery hair at home.

Of course, the most simple method to solve the problem is to trim the split ends.

But to prevent their formation in the future, we recommend you to use masks which include:

  • chamomile extract;
  • peppermint extract;
  • vitamin B5.

Also incredibly effective is the mixture based on egg yolks.

For its preparation you will need:

  • one egg yolk;
  • tablespoon fresh lemon juice;
  • two drops of cooking oil best suited for hair, but can be any other;
  • half a tablespoon or slightly more of clean, warm water.

The resulting mixture should be spread evenly over the hair, but especially tight to put on the ends. Wash off after an hour.

At the end

Beautiful, healthy, shiny and silky hair is a powerful feminine weapons of seduction. Follow our recommendations and recipes of masks that you can quickly restore the hair and return them to appeal.