6 proven ways to give your hair Shine

This is certainly out for those of the fair sex, who have the necessary physical facilities. As you know, these procedures are not cheap, but the effect lasts only about two months. Then you have to go to the salon for a new dose of chemicals. Continuous chemical attack of some sort! And what about those for whom it is a pleasure not afford or banal allergic to the drug? Or simply, that's improvement hair does not suit?

to return the Shine to the hair

Properly brush your hair

Remember the old advice: to make your hair beautiful, combing them, make a hundred strokes with a brush? Of course, one hundred is too much. But if 20-30 times slowly to hold the hair brush or comb with short and dense natural bristles (e.g. boar), they will become more smooth and shiny. Hairdressers call this technique polishing the hair. The explanation is simple: the combing really like polishes the hair, smoothing the cuticle and they begin to Shine.

Use special products for hair

Almost every brand has a line. This is a different media with vitamins (especially panthenol), herbal extracts, collagen, keratin, glycerol, volatile silicones, and various natural oils. If you want quick and maximum results – choose the professional products. Only it's better to consult a hairdresser: making a mistake in selecting (e.g., choosing not suitable for your type of hair care), you can worsen the condition of your hair. Yeah, she'll get Shine, but the hair will quickly lose the form.

And be careful with oils, leave-in serums for Shine: if they just overdo it with their number, the hair will seem oily.

Do laminating hair

In the beauty salon to give your hair Shine, you can offer the lamination process. Although the principle of operation used in their formulations are radically different, the essence of the procedures would be similar in principle: the hair for 20-30 minutes and applied a special composition (transparent or color) with proteins and other biologically active substances, which are glued together disparate scales of the cuticle and smoothes porous hair making it more shiny, smooth and manageable. Moreover, the effect lasts 3-6 weeks.

Color hair with henna

No matter colored or colorless gloss will be guaranteed. Unlike chemical dyes, henna does not penetrate into the structure of the hair rods, and also as compounds for lamination envelops them, filling in irregularities in the upper layer. Extra bonus – your hair will become stronger and start to grow better, because henna also strengthens them. And such strengthening of the "mask" – an effective tool for combating dandruff. However, remember that after dyeing with henna can not "take" chemical dyes or the result is unexpected (up to green). For this reason, after dyeing hair with henna, including colorless, not recommended to get a Perm or chemical straightening.

Add acidity

Changing pH to acidic environment, it is also easy to smooth the cuticle and make hair Shine. According to this principle work many balms for the hair effect is achieved by adding to the composition fruit acids, extracts or essential oils of citrus. And a very simple option, you can add in the water to rinse the lemon juice or vinegar (per gallon of water – tablespoon). By the way, is acidification still softens the water. A hard water is one of the reasons that hair remains dull, in spite of all your efforts: present in the salts react with the detergent substance. In the end, the hair is formed a precipitate. In order to remove it, many shampoos are adding fruit acids or salicylic acid.

Use natural masks

The most simple homemade mask for hair with egg yolk. It contained vitamins a, b and E. lecithin and amino acids perfectly nourish, moisturize and revitalize damaged hair. For maximum effect it is better to mix the yolk with oil (e.g., olive, avocado or jojoba). The resulting mixture is applied on hair for 30-40 minutes before washing.