7 options that will help to restore the color of gray hair

This unpleasant thing can happen in 70 years, and 20. Reasons why the hair loses its natural color a lot. The fault is not only genes. Among other factors – stress, lack of micronutrients, as well as spending time in the sun. Bad habits also accelerate this process. Gray hair can occur even in pregnant women, hormonal which varies.

restore gray hair

How does graying at the molecular level?

The hair cease to produce the pigment melanin, which gives hair color. This happens due to the decrease in blood flow to the hair follicles. Amount of nutrients is significantly reduced and the color gradually goes away. The hair continues to grow, but, not having the old tint.

Don't try to fight gray hair by the method of plucking. If you think that in place of the plucked grey hair will grow old with pigment, you are deeply mistaken. This will not happen. To restore the color, you need to take action. It will discuss this further.

Professional cosmetics

To find them, look in specialized cosmetics. If you are a frequent visitor of these shops, use the expert advice. These funds contain in their composition active substances, which are to cover the gray. Among various toners, paints, sprays, conditioners. Do not skimp on quality products. After all, hair is your business card.

Adjustment of the diet

This method can not be ignored, if you decided to fight the gray. It is no secret that hair needs a special diet. Unfortunately, our body is designed so that the important nutrients and vitamins delivered to the hair after they are equipped with the main vital organs. That's why hair often need additional nutrition.

Ensure the hair flow of copper. It is found in green leafy vegetables, seafood, eggs, mushrooms.

Iron is necessary for the pigment, you'll find the same seafood, liver and apricots.

Stock up on the b vitamins , Often eat fish, bananas and carrots to make up for the lack of iodine.

Popular recipes

In conjunction with a diet will not be superfluous to apply and proven methods of recovery of melanin. There are natural dyes in the form of decoctions:

  • For owners of dark hair it is helpful to rinse their decoction of oak bark.

You will need:

  • Oak bark 20 g.
  • Water 200 ml.

All cook in a water bath for half an hour. Then do not allow to cool strain through cheesecloth, folded in half. Squeeze the remainder in marl. Then, top up the liquid with boiling water to obtain 200 ml of the prepared media.

Storing in cold is not more than 48 hours.

Apply no more than 8 R./D.

  • For the blonde recommended a decoction of onion peel and chamomile. It gives the hair a nice Golden tint.

The proportions are:

  • Onion peel or chamomile 50 g.
  • Water 200 g.

All the ingredients you need to put on the fire and bring to boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. To cool and drain. Broth use 8 times a day.

To store not more than 2 days in the fridge.

  • Dark suitable nettle, reinforcing the chestnut color.

A decoction made by the same proportions and rules, and a decoction of oak bark.

Good help in the fight for the valuable the pigment of the tincture on the basis of the burdock root and fennel seeds. To prepare you will need:

  • Boiling water 1 l
  • Burdock root or fennel seeds 2 tbsp

Pour a liter of boiling water over 2 tablespoons each of the ingredients and let it brew. After 3 hours, strain. Every day RUB hard but gently into the scalp. The procedure is repeated within two months.

The course of injections

It's about a 25% solution of magnesia. It is quite active in its effects drug. To pass his course assigns only competent trichologist. How long it will last will be determined by a specialist.

The intake of minerals and trace elements

Course of minerals and trace elements are also prescribed by a doctor. This is the power of the body from the inside. However, do not think that the result will come quickly. The process of filling in missing matter takes time.


How does it happen? Under the patient's skin to a depth of 2-3 mm introduce the same minerals and vitamins. They are delivered directly where they are needed. The positive effects will be maximized. This technique is very widely used in modern cosmetology and bearing fruit.

Physical therapy

The main objective of this method is the activation of metabolic processes in the skin, which will contribute to the production of melanin. This method of restoring the natural hair color are quite expensive, but effective. For help you will need to go to the beauty salon or clinic.


Remember that before treatment it is mandatory to be diagnosed. Do it in a good clinic, under the guidance of experienced professionals. It will allow you to optimally adjust the recovery plan. Do not despair if you discover the silver in their hair. The situation uncontrollable. And timely action will help delay the process of loss of pigment. Everything is in your hands!