Hair treatment after bleaching: methods, masks

Quite often, the cause of this disease is getting improper care and damage of locks, and it requires the recovery and proper nutrition of follicles and the scalp. Actually, there are several ways to solve this problem, but today, let's talk about how to treat dry and damaged hair at home and what tools you can use.

Why you should start a treatment of discolored and damaged hair, so this is a rejection of the use of various locking varnishes and mousses. Also worth a look at your diet and most importantly, drinking regime. Shortage of water in the body in the first place will not receive life-giving moisture of the hair bulb.

hair restoration

In fact, many beauty salons offer treatments that can help restore hair after bleaching and improper staining. But, they can be very costly, therefore, many women prefer to treat their tresses at home, using even traditional methods. Recovery means at hand must become a kind of daily ritual — only in this case will be the visible result. Many experts point out that some of them are very effective. For example, a very good help mask of aloe, honey and red pepper.

Many folk remedies are famous for the fact that they help, when used correctly to solve several problems at once. So, for example, the mask of red pepper, perfectly apply to the scalp, improve blood circulation and stimulate the growth of locks. That's why many cosmetic products contain the extract of this plant.

In addition, it is very good to improve the condition of hair helps aloe, which is also folk remedy. It can help to restore strands after a bad staining or discoloration. Of course, the main difference between folk remedies from a professional is that they are much cheaper. So, for example, the mask of al made by yourself can cost 1/10 of the cost of one salon treatment.

As for efficiency, it all depends on the extent of hair damage. So, some of the recipes can help the first time, and some procedures worth repeating a few times, and even pass them the treatment.

In addition to aloe Vera and red pepper, is great for repairing damaged hair helps a tool such as med. It should be noted that it is only included with some masks, and it should not be applied on some types of hair, such as curls is oily, you may not take this folk remedy.

By the way honey, is considered by specialists a very effective method, as it helps to make the structure of the curls easier and more pleasant to the touch. Many girls noted that natural honey combined with castor oil helped to bring unruly and damaged hair in order from the first application.

In addition, a good reputation use different oils. For example, it can be essential oil is a flower or plant. Just a great way to restore brittle and dry hair, especially after bleaching is burdock that stimulates growth and gives natural Shine.

Hair restoration oil after dyeing or bleaching

In fact, hair can more likely to suffer after staining or discoloration. After these procedures, the curls can lose vitality, become brittle, frizzy and split ends are constant companions of the owner of such hair. So now you want to talk about hair restoration oils that are better than all the other remedies help to cope with this disease.

It is difficult to understand which oil will be suitable for a girls best. Therefore, to get started is to determine the degree of damage to the tresses. This is best to consult a doctor who will be able to hold a number of necessary examinations and tests to prescribe the right course of treatment.

At home you can use the oil, which has very good properties. On its basis it is possible to do a variety of masks, which will only speed up the recovery process. All because burdock contains vitamins, helping to make the curls more manageable and easy.

It is worth remembering some of the rules of application of burdock oil. First, it, before the procedure, is heated in a water bath to activate the properties. Second, it is applied warm to all of the hair from the roots to the tips.

In addition to the burdock oil to treat dry hair perfectly located the wheat germ extract, which has excellent properties. For example, it contains vitamins that stimulate the restoration of dry, lack luster hair. It is frequently recommended for damaged tresses when staining or discoloration. In addition, the oil of the wheat germ extract is very well nourishes and restores the structure of each hair, enveloping it and protecting it from further damage.

Very nice and effective oil for treating dry hair after damage – coconut. It has a very subtle and pleasant aroma and good properties. The vitamins that are contained in the solid coconut oil to repair dry hair and make them more docile.

Great success in trichology is olive oil, which is often used for cosmetic procedures. For example, it is often unable to advise after a bad staining or discoloration. A mask presented cosmetic companies contain olive oil, so after many, the hair become more manageable, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Experts recommend using olive oil in the treatment of hair damaged by chemical Perm. If a treatment with this oil, the condition of curls to improve significantly.

The treatment oils used by girls and women in the home, as it is expensive and not very effective. Judge for yourself, many of the tools above do not have any fancy price, in contrast to the procedures in beauty salons. Many of them can be seen in the compositions of the masks that are sold in stores. But please note that buying this tool, do not always know what else might be in them. That is why, specialists trichologists recommend the use of masks, cooked at home.

Many oils were used even by our grandmothers, who treated their tresses with the help of folk proven means. So, for example, will help to restore hair oil based on castor oil. In addition, you can use several types of oils.

Conditioner and treatment for dry hair at home

Split ends of the strands – this is a very serious problem that can tell its owner about many things. For example, it is a sign that hair is damaged and require treatment for recovery. Often the cause of split ends is dryness, which is why, now let's see what you can wet them at home. Conditioner and treatment for dry hair at home should be done regularly if practiced daily styling hot.

In the first place, that is certainly oils that help to moisturize split ends and prevent further damage. Often, these treatments help to restore hair after using the dryer, irons and perms. You should pay attention to the fact that a more effective remedy here is a natural olive oil, castor and of course burdock.

Such procedures help to moisturize the ends and make them more obedient without any cost. If no time to do mask, it is possible to pay attention to vehicles that are sold in specialized stores. So, for example, can help extraordinary oil from l'oreal that can be used daily. It has some useful oils that can make strands beautiful and attractive.


Often, girls use this remedy before and after hair styling, as it envelops and protects them from exposure to high temperatures. After drying, also, it is desirable to use one of the oils – this will add Shine, make curls more manageable and will give them vitality, which are the envy of many.

Quite often girls in order to moisturize dry and split ends use balms and creams for the hair. It is also a very good tool that helps to easily solve this problem. Many of them include a nutritious oil, which is why the strands with their help, become more smooth and manageable.

Restore hair after bleaching at home

There are several methods of taking care of damaged hair

  1. Special professional cosmetics: serum, suitable shampoos, restorative conditioners;
  2. Regular use of medical masks;
  3. Periodic massage of the head;
  4. Proper regular use of restorative recipes will allow You, without visiting expensive salons to make hair healthy and spectacular.

Basic care recommendations

  • To choose the right shampoo, in accordance with the condition of the hair.
  • We recommend the use of revitalizing conditioner for damaged strands.
  • Rinse and wash your hair preferably with cool water.
  • Rinse hair with herbal decoction or water with vinegar or lemon juice will go to the hair and scalp only good.
  • It is desirable as seldom as possible to use thermal styling tools.
  • Once a month, it is desirable to cut off the lifeless ends of the curls.
  • To protect the hair hat at any time of the year.

Restore hair after bleaching at home masks

Homemade natural revitalizing mask is a great assistant in the care of damaged hair. Natural components that are included with any treatment mask, contain a lot of vitamins, nutrients and esters. Do not forget about the products in our table that contain the necessary for hair and nail trace elements. Proper healthy diet has equally strong impact on damaged hair.

The mask of colorless henna

In the shops of cosmetics sold so undistinguished product as colorless henna. So henna, contributes to the closure, formed after the discoloration of the scales. Therefore, the surface of the hair is smooth throughout its length.

Preparation of the mask is very simple: dilute henna with water to desired thickness and to distribute on all length of hair. Let stand 30 minutes. Also, instead of water, add herb tea, it will strengthen the hair structure. The result mask of henna will be noticeable within 2-3 applications.

Mask with cognac

For preparation will need 1 teaspoon of natural honey, the yolk of one egg, 1 teaspoon of good cognac. Apply the mixture on clean hair, cover with a plastic bag and a towel and hold approximately one hour. Wash off the hair mask with warm water. Effective for lack luster and thin hair.

Mask yogurt

mask yogurt

Slightly warm the yogurt is applied over the entire length of the strands. Wear a special hat, wrap with towel and keep for an hour. Wash off the shampoo with lukewarm water. Yogurt has a moisturizing and softening effect.

Mask with mayonnaise

Mix 1 tsp. olive oil and mustard, add 1 tbsp of mayonnaise and 0.5 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. A little heat and distribute through the hair. Effective mask to preserve color and eliminate yellowing.

Soothing moisturizing mask with aloe

Slightly warm castor or olive oil, add fresh aloe Vera juice and natural honey, mix everything carefully. Spread evenly over entire length of hair and thoroughly rubbed into the hair roots brittle and the scalp. To insulate and hold 30 min Then rinse with warm water.

Yeast mask

50 gr. dry yeast dilute 1 teaspoon of water. In yeast the added protein from the eggs and whisk. Evenly distribute through hair. Wrap and insulate. Withstand a mask for about an hour.

Vitamin mask

Mix purchased at a pharmacy 5 capsules of vitamin A, yolk of one egg and 1 tbsp of vodka. This mixture is distributed over the hair and hold for about one hour. Cocktail nourishes strands useful elements and vitamins.

Restore hair after bleaching at home oils

Different oils are very popular in the care of damaged hair. What kind of oil you choose depends on the hair type and desired result.

Popular castor oil for hair applied to dry hair, especially the tips, slightly warm. Effective mask with a addition of eggs and honey in this oil.

To restore and strengthen hair follicles perfectly suited burdock oil. You can add a little olive oil or almonds. The mask is kept not less than 1 hour.

Heat the mixture of oils, taken in equal proportions: avocado, pleasant almond, peach, olive oil, burdock, jojoba. It is desirable to add a few drops of castor. Evenly distribute through hair. Stand at least two hours, but you can leave this mask on all night. The procedure is best done 1 time per 2 weeks.

To restore brittle and dry ends of the curls is perfect coconut oil. Keep until you get bored, pre-insulated. You can leave and at night.