Full hair restoration

How to regain hair after hair loss?

After a long and intense hair loss and they just need restoration. But how to restore your hair after a severe hair loss? How to make them healthy and strong? There are several effective ways.

If your hair is falling out, it means that the hair follicles were in a sleep state. That is, first, violated their blood supply and circulation to the scalp. And, secondly, the follicles don't receive the necessary for normal and active work of supply. That is why hair restoration has two main directions: supply the required nutrients and normalization of the blood circulation and vascularity. But how to achieve this?

From food the body gets everything it needs for normal functioning. You need to eat to make hair healthy and strong? It is important to consume foods rich in calcium, vitamins b and A, proteins, iron, zinc and some other minerals and vitamins.

You need a proper diet

It is imperative in your diet to include dairy and dairy products, legumes, fish and meat, grains, eggs, seafood, red and orange fruits and vegetables, herbs and green vegetables, and vegetable oil.

Local media


Today, there are lots of different tools to normalize the condition of the hair and accelerate growth. Most of them contain components that penetrate through the scalp into the hair follicles and nourish them. Some of the tools in the composition are small particles of minerals, organic acids and vitamins, and others contain substances that improve blood flow to the follicles and stimulating their activity. The most popular and effective local remedies is a line of sprays, conditioners, shampoos and masks. Typically, these tools are applied to the hair and scalp.

To use any means advisable, after consultation of the specialist (specialized doctors), and regularly and following the instructions given in the instructions.


There are many drugs to improve the condition of hair after baldness. Typically, the means for the reception inside contains minerals, macro - and microelements, vitamins and various natural substances of animal or vegetable origin such as calcium, Niacin, lysine, medical yeast, nicotinamide, vitamins A, E and D, zinc, iron, sulfur, extracts of various plants, as well as natural oils. These components are ingested, then along with the blood penetrate into the hair follicles, "awakening" them and translating into a growth phase and strengthening the hair structure.

Some remedies have side effects and contraindications, so that the self can not be out of the question.


The majority of procedures for hair restoration after hair loss directed on improvement of blood circulation, acceleration of metabolic processes, normalization of blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles. Here are some of the possible treatments:

  1. Mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods of hair restoration. Into the scalp using fine needles are injected microdoses of active ingredients that change the regeneration, nutrition, blood circulation, metabolism and collagen production. The drug for mesotherapy is selected based on the characteristics of the body and hair, as well as existing problems.
  2. Darsonvalization. On the scalp and hair will be affected by the particular currents, which activate the "dormant" follicles, improve blood circulation and ensure the delivery of active ingredients. Undergoing this procedure can in a beauty salon or clinic.
  1. Massage. After this procedure there is a significant improvement of blood supply to the follicles.
  2. Ozone therapy. Ozone reduces inflammation and activates the processes of regeneration and recovery.
  1. Honey mask and the mask of mustard to accelerate and stimulate growth. Mix a teaspoon of mustard powder with two tablespoons of liquid honey. The mixture of massage into the scalp, then apply to hair, distributing it along the length. Twenty minutes later just wash the head.
  2. Nettle hair lotion. 50 grams of nettle leaves pour boiling water in the volume of glass, leave for 3 hours. Strain the infusion and rinse their hair after each shampoo.
  3. styling

Useful tips

A few tips:

Hair restoration should be integrated. So, you can take the drug and use of local resources. Do not expect instant results. The first changes you will see after two or three months. And full recovery may take six months. Don't forget about proper care. Use suitable means that does not contain harmful substances.