What keratin hair straightening is different from recovery?

Keratinization has a number of features restricting the use to certain hair types.

This procedure may be not only useless, but also cause significant damage to the tips after a few months.

hair straightening

A distinctive feature of keratin is a large molecule, which makes the penetration of substances into the structure of the lock is possible only by means of special connections. Before to compare the two treatments, consider what it is.

Righting procedure with keratin

Is a therapeutic procedure with an emphasis on hair straightening. Therefore, the formulations of media contain formaldehyde. Advanced manufacturers have replaced formaldehyde in aldehyde acid that is by and large irrelevant. Composition remains to be toxic.

Small-scale and high-quality application of emulsion righting the session will have a positive impact. The procedure is performed only in the presence of healthy, strong hair or if you wish to align fluffy and curly tresses.

Restorative Keratinization

The procedure is performed to restore the structure of the hair shaft. The rectification effect is no all natural composition without formaldehyde and carcinogens. As a rule, this procedure is offered in salons, because to order a kit for reducing the keratinization difficult.

Ingredients are keratin from sheep wool and herbal extracts with odorants. Because of the high cost of the procedure is the chance to purchase a "natural" forgery. Before buying a set for home use should check the product and supplier.

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What distinguishes one from the other?

Indications and contraindications

As differentia factor is the product (brand, model), you should reflect on whether non vilis services. Keratin straightening is often offered under the guise of recovery, increasing the cost of the service.

procedure in salon

Due to the fact that keratin is not capable in its natural form can penetrate the hair shaft, use a hydrolyzed protein formula. It involves the concentration of keratin, the broken into smaller sized molecules. Only in this way will give a positive result for the hair.

The procedure of keratinization may be performed for brittle, lacking elasticity of the hair, for example, after chemical treatments, frequent dyeing and bleaching. In this case, the recovery procedure is justified by the preservation of the length of the dead hair.

Dry and healthy hair keratin is not recommended because of the futility of saturation. Prior to the leaching of the substance fills the voids in the structure of the strands on the gel type. Under excessive weight of dry ends break off in greater volume, along with the exhaustion of the entire mass of hair.

When choosing one or another way rely on the wizard. The keratin straightening treatment is suitable for fluffy healthy hair.

Restore keratin is not used to impart silkiness and smoothness insignis curls. Contraindications for natural keratinization weight: skin disease, severe hair loss, allergic to the ingredients.

And righting Keratinization also not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and asthmatics.

The pros and cons

The advantages of keratinization in both cases the same. Curls are sealed in a layer of keratin that their weights, makes it more dense. Hair get Shine, volume and elasticity. The term pollution of the strands increases, the need for daily washing disappears. The dependence on weather conditions is minimal.

Disadvantages of restoring and straightening keratin are manifested in different ways depending on hair type. More gentle is the procedure without formaldehyde, but it is less durable. But keratin cannot be achieved without a chemical activator.

In both cases, the technique requires considerable financial and time costs, as well as proper hair care.

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Technology implementation

Two different procedures are conducted for about 2-3 hours depending on hair length. Common stages are washing your hair with a special shampoo to apply to pexa strands, anchoring effect with the help of Ironing and re-washing curls.

Because of the different purposes of keratinization, there are some differences.

When restoring keratin:

  1. Strands with keratin-enriched process tool about 30 min.
  2. In the case of mild damage to the structure of the appliance for the sealing of the keratin may not be used.

When straightening keratin:

  1. Use 2 tools: for smoothing (based on the chemical relaxer in powder which breaks the protein bond in the hair) and the neutralizing composition (balm).
  2. Each strand of hair irons 5-8 times a Styler at t=200 °C to keratin a better hold.

Restoration of keratin does not change the structure of the hair. Tissue just be filled with natural protein. When straightening keratin curly hair become straight.

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The cost

Price depends on length and thickness of hair, the brand of the used composition. Procedure at home will be cheaper than in the salon.

The cost of restoring keratin. If we turn to the private master, and not to the salon, you can save.

Before the procedure it is necessary to clarify brand information and composition to predict the possible effect (therapeutic, erigens).


The effectiveness of the selected method depends on the structure of the hair. Smoothing effect in both cases is visible immediately after drying, curls. Only when erigens keratinization strands will be perfectly smooth. Will this effect last 3-6 months. When regenerans keratinization eliminates unnecessary fly-away strands, but curly hair stay curly.

follow up care

Follow up care for the curls

In the case of keratin recovery is sufficient to use a mild sulfate-free shampoos on the recommendation of the master and special combs.

When keratin straightening in the first three days is prohibited any transactions with locks: wash, haircut, styling. Further optionally purchase professional hair products, this pad is not used at all.

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Which is better?

Righting tool choose when you need long-lasting smoothing effect. Therefore, the composition is recommended only for healthy curly tresses. Otherwise, the weight of the keratin changed the structure of the curls can lead to more breakage and hair loss. Thus, this procedure serves as an exceptional measure in the struggle for the smoothness of the hair and durability of protection from external factors.

Keratin recovery suitable for damaged and depleted strands, in which, for whatever reason, the production of suspended keratin. In addition, this method is ideal for multiple home use with the purpose of protecting fragile hair.

There is a difference in keratinization with the purpose of rectification or restoration. These procedures for the rectification and restoration are opposite in composition and action. So to recommend them as treatment can not all.