Shampoo to restore hair color from gray hair

Graying is a physiological process which occurs over time. But not all want to accept this fact. To be beautiful and young always. Currently there are many tools for masking gray hair and give the image of a beautiful hell.

why your hair turns grey

Why are we grey?

Graying is a process in which there is a replacement pigmento-formando cells (melanocytes) in the air bubbles. This physiological process usually starts with 35-40 years.

If gray hair appears sooner, such a phenomenon is considered to be premature. Cause – metabolic and neurogenic disorders that occur in the body.

What is the camouflage gray hair?

Camouflage procedure is called, allowing to mask gray hair for 10-15 minutes. With this purpose, special dyes, pigment component which does not penetrate deep into the part of the hairresponsible for their color, elasticity, durability.,

Due to this property, gray hair is not painted over completely, and just change the hue.

Features and benefits of the shampoos against gray hair

A feature of the shampoos to combat gray hair are that such tools are:

  • not contain in its composition ammonia;
  • have only the natural texture of paint is achieved the best result;
  • require a little time exposure (about 10 minutes);
  • the effect persists for 4-6 weeks.

Success is guaranteed from the use of a diffuse distribution of grayrather than a local focus (e.g., temples).

the types of shampoos

The kinds of shampoos against gray hair

There are the following types of shampoos to combat gray hair:

  • toning;
  • toning;
  • neutralizing the yellow of the hair.


These tools are designed to mask the existing gray hair and give hair shades of natural colors. Because of this, hair becomes uniform appearance.

The pros and cons of tinting shampoos

To the positive moments of use of these funds include:

  • ease of application (similar to an ordinary shampoo);
  • low cost (price may vary depending on the volume of the box and manufacturer);
  • versatility – hydration and strengthening, making hair groomed;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • protection from external influences reduces the influence of ultraviolet rays, humidity, temperature extremes.

To the negative sides tinted shampoos include:

  • the regular coloration of the hair, as the pigment does not penetrate deep into the hair, and then quickly washed;
  • the complexity of the selection of the desired shade.

What color better for toning gray hair

shades shampoos

There are several popular colors:

  • Cool colors

Toning means this color scheme is very popular with the girls. Look great on blond hair, creating a natural Shine and glow.

  • Reds

Many Mature women prefer these shades, especially garnet. This tone gives the hair a rich, bright color that is able to visually "rejuvenate" the lady in 5-10 years.

  • Silver tone

Designed specifically for those who have a large part of hair touched with gray. These types of shampoos can make the hair more naturally, and also able to remove the yellow tint.

  • Copper tone

These shades are ideal red people. Hairstyle will look great in the summer, striking for its brightness and saturation.

  • Dark colors

Designed to make the brown-haired brunettes more attractive. But when you use these tools you need to be careful as they are heavily stained and the tub, and hands.

Coloring shampoos

These remedies for hair care have a mild effect, as components do not penetrate into the hair structure. Their mechanism is based on the formation of a thin film around each hair, which not only change color, but also to give them a healthy look.

Shampoo that neutralizes the yellow

Trying to "hide" the gray hair, many people resort to hair coloring at home, most often for clarification. It's hard to argue that this method is economically advantageous, but not always so you can achieve the desired result. The disadvantage is the occurrence of an unpleasant yellow. To fix it, can help special products that neutralize the yellow hue of the hair.

The positive qualities of these means:

  • the ease of application, pleasant smell;
  • do not require special skills in the application;
  • the duration of the dyeing process – no more than 10 minutes;
  • safe as it does not harm the hair, and the included nutrients;
  • the possibility of using at home;
  • cost-effective.

The downside of these shampoos is provoking the emergence of insignis ends. Experts recommend the use of after treatment moisturizing mask, special oils that help protect hair.

How to choose

the choice of shampoo

The choice of tools should take into account not only the hue, the cost of the shampoo, but also safety in use.

To do so:

  • focus on those tools, which include nutrients, gives hair elasticity and silkiness;
  • pay attention to the presence in the ingredients the herbal extracts, as they will be able to provide reinforcement and protection from traumatic external influences.

HELP! We must remember that to achieve perfect masking of gray hair you want to choose shades of ashy tones close to natural color. Carefully using such means as the staining is more intense due to the changed structure of the hair.

Toning shampoo for gray hair men

Coloring shampoos is an excellent method of disguise gray hair, outstanding is your age. These funds do not differ from such for women. The only feature – shampoos designed for men, can be used for daily care of hair and change the tinting of gray hair.

How to pick up men coloring shampoo for gray hair

When selecting tools for toning gray hair you need to understand that none of cosmetics will not change all the color strands. You cinereo-flavaque person to turn into a searing brunette with great hair. It is desirable to make a selection of tinting tools as close as possible to natural color.

Men's toning shampoo for gray hair – especially the range

Many manufacturers produce a separate line of shampoos and conditioners to mask gray hair in men. They differ in that they require a bit more exposure time. In addition, a smaller palette of colors, the possibility of daily use and more gentle action.

Review of the best toning shampoos

the best tinting tools

Those who use hair coloring agents often give their preference for certain brands and their products. It should tell you about them.

Perfectly removes yellow pigment gives excellent gloss ashy, grey and bleached hair. Does not require additional use of masks or oils, as part of includes formula, mitigating the hair.

A well-known manufacturer has long established itself on the market of cosmetic means for care of hair, so it has many fans. Some of the popular tools are color shampoos. They retain their color well over the curls, the color palette will be the envy of any other manufacturer, this focuses on healthy hair.

Loved by many for the excellent result which manifests itself in the neutralization of yellowness. Does not dry the hair, gives them softness and lightness.

Effectively masks the yellow tint of the hair, perfect for gray hair. Includes a special set, preventing the destructive action of ultraviolet rays.

Coloring shampoos – the use of features

It should be remembered that the colouring means – it's not paint. They don't have special durability, therefore, to apply them to maintain the colors more often. These shampoos tend to dry as the hair and scalp. After using them you need to apply special balms with protective properties.

Folk remedy for gray hair men

Surprisingly, graying of hair, you can pause by using traditional medicine.

Hair coloring with natural dyes

There are many natural solutions for coloring. Include such henna and Basma. Since they are often used in the composition of nourishing masks, then staining it is possible to obtain not only the necessary color but also an additional hair care.

The most popular treatments against gray hair

The most loved and used physiotherapy to combat gray hair are:

treatments against gray hair
  • massage the hair of the head;
  • darsonval;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • ultrasound;
  • mesotherapy;
  • singlet-oxygen therapy.

Gray hair is not a sentence. In the current cosmetics market, everyone can find the tool that is best suited to him, and will also fit your budget.