How to restore hair density: practical guidelines

Nature rewards many girls beautiful, thick hair. Someone is a luxurious hair, some had soft silky hair, and someone to become the owner of the striking curls. But every day our hairs are exposed to various influences.

how to restore hair density

Negative power on the hair density has an unhealthy diet, stress, medications, and continuous repainting, and changing the image.

But basically harmful factor is laziness. Tea everyone it seems to us that we will be constantly healthy and young. And in fact, later thirty-five allowed closely to notice brand distinct signs of aging.

The density of hair closer became smaller? Well, what we can recommend? Before each you ought to change the attitude to his beloved. Primitive you need to revise your mode of life and diet.

In addition, when the saturated hair loss will certainly need to go on consultation to the expert, the one that tells you what you need to do in order to regain your thick and beautiful hair.

Restore your hair later childbirth

Pregnant women basically differ in thick, sparkling hair. This phenomenon is due to the hefty primitive: during pregnancy the body enters a large number of vitamins, nutrients.

Do not pass metamorphosis and hormonal. But after a couple of months later birth, many women, as usual, there are snags with the quality and number of hairs. But don't panic – this is temporary and with some effort they quickly recover.

As permitted rapidly and efficiently to restore its former beauty:

  • as allowed longer breastfeeding your baby – hormones getting back to normal natural method and it helps a quicker recovery of your body. This alignment also applies to locks;
  • need to feed right and take vitamins for nursing mothers;
  • in the fight against lack of sleep and various stresses involve the baby's father, grandparents, then you will be less nervous, which in turn will have a positive impact on your hair;
  • going to the hairdresser – so to say psychotherapy. A little hair cut and make hair style can not hurt;
  • tender, gentle care for hair, use gentle shampoos, conditioners, applying different masks.

Hair restoration and later painting

Almost all of the modern girl the truth once in his life resorted to a radical change in your image, painting the hair.

This method is the most famous, from the fact that does not require huge investment, but at the same time helps to radically change the appearance.

But a similar procedure has one very significant disadvantage – any further painting hair becomes more dull and lifeless.

The reason for this result is the fact that any paint, only permanent, and gives the hair a dirty mind. A sick, weak curls and often a huge drop. And here there is a lawful question: how to paint and, at the same time, not to spoil its appearance.

The secret is quite primitive: primitive zealous use of special shampoos, lotions, firming masks do.

Attention! Don't forget the observation to explore the label of cosmetic product before you purchase. Excellent pay huger for more natural shampoo than long and tedious to treat the results of the use of cheap and poor quality.

For recovery you before each ought to reconsider your lifestyle. Beautiful shiny curls can't be the woman who eats incomprehensible. So, what do you remember about the good food. You should also pay attention to the vitamins. Hair good all the b vitamins, found in meat, dairy products, fish.

hair restoration

But in order to restore your hair color later painting ought to either go to the salon, where you will wash paint special cosmetics, or wait until your hair itself will grow.

Some experts suggest to dye your tresses a few shades lighter for a long period. Thus, you do actually inconspicuous line of transition from natural color to the colored area.

How to restore hair later build

How do you want to look all day again. The owners of long hair – variants primitive huge number, and women with short hair brought a lot harder. But nowadays this problem is solved quite simple: you can easily increase the length of the curls. And for that you need a little bit hefty: excellent master and a few hours of free time.

But it is worth remembering that this difficult procedure can not do without consequences for curls. So that later build forget for a period of about a metamorphosis in color, about painting or chemical perms. On probability do not use Hairdryer, Curling iron. Put away the curler, varnishes, gels. Your hair needs rest and good feeding.

Will advise you a wonderful recipe that was used even by our grandmothers. You ought to mix equal proportions of castor oil, egg yolk, olive oil, liquid vitamin A and E . All ingredients are carefully mix and apply on head and leave for an hour.

Attention! Definitely insulate the head, you can wear a shower cap or wrap head with a towel. Wash off the mask with warm water is necessary, and later desired to rinse the hair decoction of chamomile.

How to restore burnt hair

Staining poor-quality paints, bleaching with peroxide, the use of searing tongs, plates and other not too suitable procedures as a result contribute to the dryness of your luxurious curls.

But if such trouble to you closer happened, you should, before each time to forget about straightening and winding the hair and give a little time for their rehabilitation.

Perhaps even worth a little bit to cut hair all sorts of 10-15 days in order to get rid of dry ends.

General guidelines for recovery of burnt curls primitive. You ought to wash your hair a special soft shampoo, apply rejuvenating lotions, make masks for damaged hair.

It is also worth asking at the pharmacy a special multivitamin complex prepared to strengthen the hair.

Homemade masks are an excellent solution to the problem. For example, you can mix 1 tablespoon of burdock oil and brandy with two yolks. Allowed to add a bit of honey. The resulting mixture apply on hair and leave on for two hours in advance to insulate the head.

Restore hair at home

To restore and increase the density of your curls will help homemade mask, rinse with the help of herbs.

beautiful hair

There is one miracle mask: mix one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of burdock oil, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of brandy. Everything is tidy mix, apply on the scalp and to keep your head for two hours. After this my head as traditionally.

Very wonderfully to rinse hair decoction of nettle, calendula, burdock. Nettle will make the curls more sparkling and strong, and will allow much more volume. Rinse hair decoction of calendula hefty beneficial when excessive fat hair, and dandruff. Burdock strengthen hair follicles, protects against dandruff and prevent hair loss.

So, as you can see gorgeous thick hair – this is acceptable. Basic, know how to restore hair density.

You ought to adhere to our recommendations not to use chemicals, do not abuse the dyeing, zealous not to use Curling irons, flat irons. To do multiple mask, rinse herbal decoction. And your hair will always delight you with its beauty and splendor.