Hair restoration: contemporary medical and popular methods

Hair restoration is a somewhat sensitive topic for the male character. Men do not tend to frequently change your haircut or experiment with painting hair, and even more to do a Perm or use hot air dryer for drying your hair. Nevertheless, they have a problem is weakened, brittle or lifeless hair. Because risk factors are countless: from walking in the dead of winter without a hat, to various diseases or exhaustion of the nervous system. Importantly, the hair does not fall out. If they still resist, then you can just visit any beauty salon or Barber shop.

hair restoration

Naturally, you can choose from a huge variety of methods to solve the problem. You might get confused, not knowing what to prefer? Or perhaps for financial reasons will not be able to use these services?

Remember that there is always the possibility to resort to such methods, which carry out the recovery of traditional folk methods.

Traditional methods to help depleted hair

  1. Lactic acid treatment for brittle or split ends. On dried hair, apply the yogurt until full saturation. Wear a bandana made of cotton fabric or attach a simple plastic bag to create the greenhouse effect. Minimum recommended treatment time - 4 hours, that's why it is much easier to hold her at night. Rinse with plenty of water, and in any case not dry with a Hairdryer. During treatment it is necessary to do this procedure at least once a week. Then prophylactically several times a year.
  2. Daily vegetable wrap hair. If mens hair is thin and brittle, something to rectify the situation will help a mixture of burdock and castor oil in an amount of one tablespoon each. Be sure to soften, nourish and give hair Shine add to the mixture a couple of teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. For the period of intensive treatment (up to month), it is recommended to cut the hair ends.
  3. Vitamin water bath. Does any vegetable oil not more than 70 g and is mixed with a small spoon of birch juice or 10 drops of fresh lemon juice. Ready mix on the pack for the hair is placed in a water bath to half an hour, and then, still warm, rubbed into the roots of hair. The head is closed with a handkerchief or plastic bag. The effects of compress is very active, so keep it on the hair should be no more than two hours. Wash your hair then you must shampoo diluted in a spoon of vinegar.
  4. Yolk mask for hair. If a man's hair is so bad, dry and spent, I began to break down and crumble, it is necessary to prepare a nutritious mixture of yolk and a tablespoon of castor oil. Putting the obtained thick mass of hair, cover your head with a thick towel for best warming. Withstand a mask of egg yolk on the hair needs for over 3 hours. After a thorough washing with a mild detergent or plain soap, you'll also get rid of dandruff.
  5. Garlic mask for scalp. Old traditional folk method of treatment helps to completely restore hair and to make them invulnerable. You can use this method daily for a month and a half. A few cloves of garlic, depending on the length of hair men, is extruded by the device to the state of the cereal and spread evenly over the surface of the head 2-2. 5 hours. Close not necessarily, but keep in mind that the method is specific because of the strong flavor, so use it before an important meeting or event would be too challenging.

Modern medical procedures recovery

means to restore hair growth

Straightening, laminating

Held in the office of a cosmetologist. A special feature of this procedure is that enough for one session only for hair restoration and to excellent effect! The man's hair will look very well groomed, with a healthy Shine, without excessive oiliness and rashes dandruff. To restore the scalp without of a breach and even of a very bad condition. In fact, the modern special recovery method is valid and kept up to six months. The subsequent wash or the effects of the baths and saunas on the hair does not affect their new condition.

The only side effect of this procedure is hair straightening. However, in most cases it is, rather, the positive effect of this method. Of course, if hair is the man in a very poor condition or quite thick in quality, and to give time for this procedure will have two times more. But such prolonged exposure will affect the result: the hair men long become fresh healthy look. This method is absolutely harmless for men's health. The result will be visible immediately after the session, only to fix it is desirable not to wash your hair until three or four days.


This is one of the most easy to use techniques. Standard manufacturers capsule products aimed at hair restoration provides its products with retinol, various seed extracts, and vitamins E and C. the Technique used is very simple: it is necessary to squeeze the capsule to the site of damaged hair and massage movements to RUB the healing of scalp. Active substances that restore the health of hair, thanks to a special substance will increase hair growth and rejuvenate cells. With prolonged use a capsule method completely normalizes the production of hair sebum, the cover becomes more dense and elastic to the touch. The hair disappear dandruff, they don't break, tangle and wanton to fall out.

Transplantation of hair follicles

For partial hair recovery applies the method of surgery. It is also completely safe for the body men the way to restore a perfect appearance. Is the procedure in hair transplant onion bags from the back of the patient's head in places bald patches. The implantation is completely painless and relatively quick. If bald spots were formed in the occipital region, which is extremely rare, then the hair follicles taken from other parts of the head and implanted on the head.

Often men are too embarrassed to make cosmetic procedures or use special tools to restore their hair. And still absolutely no reason to put up with the dark and without life in your hair without volume and strength of color. The following are examples of a small and very simple techniques to give your own hair the effect of a luxurious head of hair!

Restore hair volume

hair growth

To dramatically improve men's appearance by restoring the volume of hair, you must start using at least the following special cosmetics and items. For example, to always have in stock three main elements aimed at protecting and restoring hair: professional hair brush with natural bristles, conditioning to increase the volume of hair and mousse for styling. Natural bristles will evenly distribute natural oils and vitamin complexes contained in the mousse and the conditioning of the roots and the entire length of your hair, creating the most natural look, towards which every self-respecting man.

The restoration of the texture (structure) the hair massage

The surest sign of health and beauty of hair is their texture. To stimulate the growth of healthy hair every day for 5-10 minutes, gentle circular movements need independent head massage. The direction of massaging from the top of the head towards the occipital part of it. This seemingly trivial procedure is not only will stimulate the growth of new healthy hair, but will also prevent headache. In addition, numerous reviews of men indicate that scalp massage, done by women, is a wonderful relaxing treatment that supports the full recovery process.

How to restore hair growth

So, what methods could simultaneously stop the process of hair loss and in parallel to stimulate recovery growth? Of course, for this purpose it is desirable to use only such drugs, which contain only natural substances. One of these drugs, having in its composition only natural component is to extract the so-called dwarf palm. The force of action on hair restoration you can call it a complete analog of chemicals, but it is not cause any side effects and has absolutely no contraindications.

First of all, extract helps to block the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone, which is extremely harmful due to their toxicity to onion bags. When the bulbs have long reduced sensitivity to intoxication and create stable preconditions for active regeneration of hair, stimulates their natural growth mechanism.

In addition to the extract from the berries of the dwarf palm tree unique in the compositions of the various tools to repair hair and stimulate hair growth, also include the infamous gingko biloba extracts, preserved since the Paleolithic a few places on our planet. This unique tree is not subject to any diseases! You can list a number of natural extracts, able to restore the look and condition of hair: mint, nasturtium, ginseng, caffeine, Echinacea, etc. of Hair which restores the necessary protection from any itching and exposure to irritants. Then thanks to such a strong defensive background any baldness ceases to be a threat to the male ego.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the way hair restoration has been the recent discovery of such natural ingredients as phyto-inhibitors and 5-alpha-reductase. These substances are very similar in their effect to numerous means of synthetic origin, but it does not have any side effects. The resulting test reviews indicate that during the course of rehabilitation therapy with these components of hair in men is more resistant to the destructive action of hormonal poisoning. This gives a steady background to argue that the ability to fully restore hair is getting real.

beautiful hair

Thus, there are many methods that aim to restore the hair, so every man will be able to find your own.