How to restore hair after bleaching — solve the problem effectively

The desire to be a blonde typical of many women. Finding the long-awaited light shade, does not always work to admire the update. Often the curls lose their former beauty, transformed into a lifeless tow. How to restore hair after bleaching? Are there effective treatments loose strands? You should know in order to help the hair.

means to restore hair after bleaching

The consequences of lightening

Any lightening of the locks is due to the loss contained in them of the natural pigment melanin. The more it collapses, the less becomes intensely colored hair. The changes affect not only pigmentation, but also other important characteristics. More information of impact of lightening on hair, read our previous article.

Only by refining significantly changed the structure of the hair: there are voids, porosity, deformation. Therefore, after bleaching, the hair becomes dry, brittle, becomes unruly, loses the Shine.

It is very important to know how to restore hair after bleaching, to have the opportunity to help them. Scorched oxidant strands in need of intense moisture, nutrition, gentle care. Loosened curls like a sponge to absorb all that in them is. Therefore it is better "flavor" of their nutrients, not text devices and other negative influences.

Damaged hair after dyeing may be different degrees of severity. Depends on the initial state of curls, concentration, and exposure time of the composition.

Please note, to restore hair after bleaching should be sent to the whole complex of measures providing appropriate care. So will achieve the expected result in no time.

Basic care recommendations

To restore hair after bleaching took place easily and without inconvenience be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Additionally to injure cauteriatam curls impossible. Damaged strands tend to get confused, so they should be brushed very carefully. The ritual begins with the most problem areas — the tips, then carefully carry out movement from roots through the entire length. Wet strands such effects do not take place. Curls pre-dried, then comb. Tools use of natural materials. They should not pull, tear, electrify.
  2. In order to quickly restore burnt hair after bleaching it is necessary to protect them from any thermal effects. On the strands is very destructive blow drying, styling irons, any atmospheric manifestations: the sun, cold, wind and rain. Hair is better to be protected from such influences.
  3. Damaged hair, especially with the presence of a large number of voids that need to be cleaned periodically. While cleaning products are not have more overdry strands. Shampoo should choose a mild, sulfate-free. And from the abundance of styling products, highly polluting the hair, the better to refuse. Pay attention to the shampoo effect lamination.
  4. Be sure to learn how to repair hair after bleaching. Complex care may involve professional cosmetics, folk remedies, treatments, special procedures. To choose from an abundance of possible variants the most suitable and regularly to meet them.
  5. Good nutrition, healthy sleep, good health — the best allies in the struggle for the restoration of hair after bleaching and other chemical influences.
  6. Do not be afraid of haircuts. To part with a few centimeters succendit curls is not so bad. This is especially true of split ends. It is not necessary to do haircuts that require sophisticated styling, to create hairstyles, versatum hair. This will only aggravate the problem and restore the hair will become more difficult.
folk remedies to restore hair after bleaching

Adhering to these recommendations, the question of how to restore hair after bleaching no longer bother.

Home restoration

Not to cause more damage to the hair, you need to know how to restore hair after bleaching. There are many options. Alone are treated with drugs from the pharmacy, hand-made masks, as well as carry out care using store-bought cosmetics.

Treatment with drugs from the pharmacy

You can try to deal with the problem from within is to establish a healthy lifestyle, take a multivitamin complexes. This, of course, necessary, but it will take some time before results become visible. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to heal hair after bleaching using additional local application of certain pharmacy assets.

Specialized ampoule complexes can help to cope with the problems of hair loss, brittle in no time. The high price of such tools often makes a choice in favor of more affordable drugs.

Therefore, restoring hair, using the normal vitamins, glycerin, panthenol. They are used alone or in mixtures with other nutrients.

  1. Panthenol and vitamin A to restore. Cover with cold water 1 teaspoon gelatin, soaked for 15 minutes. Connect the resulting mass with 2 tablespoons of panthenol in liquid form, 2 capsules of vitamin A, 2 teaspoons of shampoo. The mixture can be supplemented with Dimexidum (you should first see contraindications). The resulting mass, cover curls, insulated. After 30 minutes wash in the usual way.
  2. Vitamins a, E, PP for enhanced growth. The basis of the mask will be linseed oil. You can add 1 teaspoon tincture of Siberian ginseng on alcohol. Next 1 ampoule of vitamins A, E, PP. The resulting mixture was thoroughly mixed, distribute the strands, insulated. After 1 hour wash your locks the normal way.

Traditional recipes for recovery

Comprehensive therapy involves the treatment for the pharmacy to be alternated with your home-made nutrient formulations.

Ozdoravlivajushchy mask with colorless henna

Mix 1 teaspoon colorless henna, raw egg yolk, 1 tbsp. of any base oil (for dry hair is perfect Flaxseed, olive, burdock). The mass is thoroughly mixed, is applied to the strands, insulated. After 40 minutes, washed in the usual way, use the balm.

Nourishing mask with avocado

To crushed into mush the avocado, add 2 tbsp. spoon lemon juice and essential oils. The mass is well mixed, spread over the strands, insulated. After 40-60 minutes, washed with shampoo, rinsing produce chamomile extract.

Beauty products for bleached hair

Special attention should be paid to the choice of the regular cosmetic products. Means for dyed, damaged hair has become the basis of care. To restore hair have to pick up the whole series: shampoo, conditioner, mask, spray, heat protection.

Please note in the composition must contain proteins, keratin, a complex of natural components. Funds are selected nourishing and moisturizing, but not pondus.

Professional care for damaged tresses

cosmetic products to restore hair after bleaching

Special attention should be paid to the treatments offered in beauty salons. They know how to restore burnt hair most effectively and quickly. Professional procedures promote intense saturation of the hair with nutrients, early recovery structure, reliable protection from external influences. Declaratione for damaged hair, suitable for:

  1. Mask deep action. Progressive composition promotes good penetration, intense nutrition. The multi-stage procedure, therefore, provides a powerful regenerative effect.
  2. Hot wraps. Under the influence of temperature and specific composition of very dry, damaged, lifeless strands gain healthy filled with nutrients.
  3. Bio-lamination. Tresses are coated with a special base, protecting from various injuries. The tool perfectly encapsulates the strands while providing unobstructed penetration of moisture and air.
  4. Enrobing. During the procedure, every hair is enveloped with a mixture containing ceramides. Hair becomes healthy, the current hue is saturated, there is a volume, Shine. Curls become more natural, obedient.
  5. Shielding. Hair is covered with a special agent that promotes intensive care. Enhanced moisturizing effect, nutrition is provided. The result — healthy, smooth, shiny strands.
  6. Botox. Hair is treated with products containing keratin. Thanks to them, filled microfractures. Curls become soft and elastic. The protective coating lasts about 3 months.
Council. Professional treatments thanks to the miracula part of the tools and skills specialists provide hair proper care, permanently transfiguring appearance.

Restore hair after bleaching is possible, but it will not happen quickly. The best advice in this case — not to bring the hair to that state. If it happened, should be armed with effective beauty recipes and patience.