Masks for hair restoration

After reading the article, you will learn what problems to help cope restorative hair mask, get acquainted with their most effective homemade recipes and the finest manufacturers of finished cosmetic products of this type.

hair masks

When to use serum for hair

The main symptoms when you want to process strands:

  • the unpleasant sensation of tactile contact of hands with curls;
  • a decrease in the activity of hair growth;
  • the appearance of dry, brittle hair;
  • active loss of hair;
  • the emergence of a large number of marked ends;
  • the loss of volume;
  • the reduction in color saturation, Shine or serious fading strands.

The basic requirements for restoring masks

In order to restore the healthy structure of the hairs gave the maximum performance in the short term, you need to consider the choice of the mask, given the presence of the following components in it.

What components should contain homemade face mask

Basis home remedy for hair recovery form nutrients, and then adds additional components that are actively fighting the problem.

Components that provide power to:

  • chicken eggs;
  • honey, those of natural origin;
  • products made with milk.


  • oils of olive, coconut, burdock, walnut, ylang-ylang;
  • the squeezed out juice from citrus fruits and their pulp, like mango, avocado, lemon, orange, grapefruit;
  • berries: you can use sea buckthorn, currants, viburnum's;
  • herbal teas, such as yarrow, plantain, burdock, chamomile, stinging nettle;
  • any esters, selected under the type of hair.
components for masks

What components should contain the purchase the mask

  1. A large number of different vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to present vitamins of different groups.
  2. Quality product contains antioxidants, tannins, esters, bitterness, flavonoids.
  3. Extracts of fruits, herbs, berries, vegetables.
  4. In the composition there should be no artificial components, flavors, colors, preservatives.

Best rejuvenating mask, homemade

Plus cooking tools for recovery of the hair structure, the house is an independent selection of the necessary components on the basis of personal diagnose the problem.

With aloe Vera

Universal recipe:

  1. 5 sheets of agave, 30 grams of honey and equal amount of olive oil poured third cups of warm water.
  2. Stir everything thoroughly.
  3. The mixture is applied to the head, after which you should wrap with foil, then a towel.
  4. To keep requires within 35 minutes.

Aloe stimulates hair growth, strengthens roots, moisturizes, nourishes and protects the scalp from drying out, prevents dandruff, increases volume, removes the charge, Shine and softness. Flour

It is best to apply this mask for dry hair:

  1. Dining spoon of a flour of corn, dessert spoon olive oil, egg pour 100 ml of warm broth on the basis of black tea.
  2. The mixture is actively mixed and applied on the head in a warm state.
  3. Keep tool needed for an hour and then wash off with shampoo with a mild action.

With honey

For silky and healthy Shine:

mask with honey
  1. In the tank mixes the honey and egg in a ratio of 1:3.
  2. Is applied only to the strands throughout their length.
  3. Keep it for 20 minutes.

With sea buckthorn and clay

To combat oily Shine:

  1. A couple of tablespoons of sea buckthorn mixed with a half glass of milk.
  2. To the mixture is added a small amount of white clay powder before acquiring a creamy consistency.
  3. The tool is rubbed into the scalp, and then distributed through the curls.
  4. You need to keep half an hour.


For a moisturising and elimination of breakage:

  1. On the unwashed strands, apply a quarter Cup of milk for 20 minutes.
  2. Rinse the head at the end of the allotted time need cool water.
  3. Use milk to restore the hair structure, should be once a week.

With burdock roots

For Shine and growth:

  1. The burdock root thoroughly crushed.
  2. It has added a egg and a couple of dining spoons of honey, stir everything thoroughly.
  3. The skin should be actively rubbed into the roots, and then spread along the length of the strands.
  4. Keep the mask for half an hour is required.


  1. One banana is warming up with a fork.
  2. In the same container poured a couple tablespoons of olive oil and squeezed juice of a small lemon.
  3. The mixture is distributed through the hair, rests for half an hour, and then rinse under warm water.

With castor oil

For the treatment of damaged structure of hair:

  1. One tablespoon mix burdock and castor oil.
  2. To achieve maximum effect, the oil is heated in a water bath.
  3. The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots, and then processes the strands including the ends.

Olive oil

mask with olive oil

Restores structure of hair, feeds them:

  1. Mixed olive oil and burdock in the amount of 1 dining spoon.
  2. The mixture is applied on all the strands.
  3. Head wraps in plastic and then a warm towel.
  4. Keep the mask 40 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo.

With mint tincture

Increases the activity of sebaceous glands:

  1. A couple of tablespoons of dried peppermint pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. Tincture should be rinsed washed hair.

Instructions for their use

To improve the effectiveness of homemade masks, you should use a few tips:

  1. It is necessary to heat the prepared mask before applying to the locks by means of a water bath, and then wrap the head in a warm towel.
  2. Do not keep a vehicle older than a specified time, as this may provoke allergic reactions or irritation.
  3. Rinse the mixture should be thoroughly using mild shampoo.
  4. To dry locks should only by natural method.
  5. You should not use masks more than four times a week.
  6. The obvious result is achieved after a course of masks for 1-2 months.