Kit for hair restoration and other means

Poor environment affects the quality of hair. Frequent styling, coloring, washing is not left in the structure useful and moisturizers, so they quickly lose their elasticity, luster and prone to hair loss. To restore them you can use a special products, sets and even camera molecule professional. If there are financial difficulties or a preference for folk medicine, there are recipes that will restore hair better than a professional means.

kit for hair restoration

Recipes for hair restoration

The advantage of recipes of traditional medicine that spent a minimum of means for the procedure, which will not damage the hair. Recipes you can improve within reasonable limits, and in the end to achieve the quality of reconstruction is not worse than in the cabin.

The only thing that is left to a professional, it is a haircut or trimming the tips. Masks can be done often and not fear that they will hurt and so traumatized hair. Add oils and extracts will only exacerbate the effect of the main component.

The mask from yogurt

On slightly damp hair and apply the yogurt so that it coated everything. This mask is covered with a cap and warm towel for 2 hours. Wash off the buttermilk with warm water using regular shampoo. If the mask doing in the evening, then use shampoo is optional. Hair after the procedure to dry in a natural way. This mask can be used quite often as a result of recovery will be visible after the first treatment.

The mask of eggs

Mask made of egg yolk with lemon juice, onions and brandy. The resulting composition applied to the roots, covered with a shower cap and warm towel and lasts an hour. After the first application the hair will become more shiny, and their styling will be easier. The main condition for the mask yolk – egg should be fresh.

Burdock oil

The benefits of burdock oil for hair is known for a long time and many use this recipe now. The oil is very simple: 1-2 tablespoons of warmed oil mixed with orange juice or chamomile and apply on hair and scalp. The head is cover with a warm towel for an hour, and then rinse thoroughly. Apply this mask several times a week.


The use of shampoo is the first step in hair restoration this set. However, purification is not his main task. Complex substances that are present in the shampoo, restores the hair structure due to the amount of keratin and collagen. And drugs such as Royal jelly, caffeine, vitamins contribute to strong growth.

Even after using the same shampoo your hair becomes shiny, appears volume. However, the effect of restoration was prolonged and affected even the deep structure of the hair, you must use the entire set.


The mask is applied to slightly wet hair. The peculiarity of this mask is that it can be applied to the roots for better growth stimulation. A complex of substances is almost the same as the shampoo, however, the keratin content is much higher. This difference not only restores hair, but also makes them smooth.


Basically the serum is aimed at the growth of new hair, because high content of green tea stimulates the activity of hair follicles. In addition, the use of serum in an emollient when painting or procedures that traumatize the skin of the head.


The device for hair restoration Molecule Professional

The unit molecule professional makes effect reducing means is much stronger due to the infrared radiation, which helps to open the scales of the hair and deliver necessary moisturizers deep. The inside penetration provides almost complete recovery and long-lasting effect after the procedure. To maintain the effect, you can use special professional products with keratin.


  • you can use various drugs as a treatment plan and cosmetic;
  • lasting effect;
  • no harm to hair as the activation comes from infrared rays, ultrasound;
  • savings of substance used;
  • time-saving;
  • accessibility.

The unit molecule professional works by ultrasound and infrared radiation. Both of these phenomena are continuously connected. The ultrasound breaks down the molecules and helps them to penetrate into the deeper layers of your hair. And infrared radiation seals the scales, leaving the active material deep inside.

The use of these phenomena leads to a better recovery of the hair, the effect of which persists for several months. If set use without the use of the apparatus, only 20% of the nutrients goes into the hair. Molecule professional camera ensures that 80% of active substances to achieve the goals and will be a great recovery effect.

However, recipes of traditional medicine is not intended for use with this unit, so they should only be applied in the classical form. The unit molecule professional not only helps to restore hair, but also to achieve the effect of laminating and keratin straightening. Unfortunately, the effect of lamination is maintained no more than two months, but the rectification effect, with proper care after the procedure can persist for six months.


Hair restoration – a process that can not pass itself. It is necessary to use high-quality professional tools and devices that will be able to deliver active ingredients deep into the and keep them there for a long time. The use of recipes of traditional medicine are also in demand, however, a clear effect from the first application is not necessary.

apparatus for hair

Advantages of drugs to restore what they can not worsen the existing condition of hair. But if properly applied it is possible to achieve not only recovery, but also the effect of lamination and permanent recovery. To prevent deterioration of the hair rebuild kits can be used once a week as prevention. For this purpose, suitable recipes of traditional medicine.