How to recover hair in men: practical advice

Baldness is a normal physiological process in men. Rarely to old age manage to keep hair. Becomes a shame if that hair attracted the attention of women! Hence it can be neurosis, depression, problems in personal life.

how to return the hair

And then the man thinks, how all the same to correct the situation? How to get the hair? Not all men like to go with a bare head. Will be fine and not hurt if such a fit man, and if not? In fact, to regain lost hair is very difficult. Easier to buy a wig and come to terms with the new image.

Why hair fall out?

Genetics. In this case, the body is allocated a special substance that it is the cause of hair loss. There are ways to reduce the amount of allocation of this hormone, and for a time to return hair. But, unfortunately, not for long.

Nervousness and stress. Yes, stress often people lose their hair and not only men. In this case, folk remedies can provoke the growth of new hair.

If your hair falls out from any kind of disease, for example, ringworm, then after recovery they grow back. In that case, if a hair fell out due to radiation or chemicals, the hair will never return. The chemo is killing the hair follicles.

Recovery strands

There are many methods to return hair. But the effect of the recovery will come much faster if you go to the doctor immediately after you notice this problem. After inspection, a technician will be assigned to treatment.

The recovery method will depend on factors such as:

  • Overall condition of the hair;
  • The cause of baldness;
  • The condition of the body men.

If the hair is thinned slightly, it is necessary to change the lifestyle and use of cosmetic products. This will prevent further hair loss. For full recovery, you must contact the experts of beauty salons.

Modern methods of hair restoration:

  • Ozone therapy;
  • Saturation of the scalp with oxygen;
  • Darsonvalization.

Current treatment

The old method of hair restoration. Is the irritation of nerve endings, blood vessels, sebaceous glands. When release threads of the glands, become active and their functions. And the restoration of the skin.


An individual method of treatment. Is an introduction of minerals and vitamins into the skin. This cocktail includes components that stimulate the growth of hair.

Vacuum massage

Long procedure. Massage required to carry out regular rates to achieve a result. It is done to improve circulation.

If you restore the cosmetics, the composition should contain phosphorus and phytin.

Can help:

  • Revitalising shampoo;
  • Keratoplasty (saturate the hair with proteins);
  • Special cosmetic oil (protection of hair against harmful influence of surrounding environment);
  • Ampoules keratin (strengthen hair).

Very effective use of restorative hair mask.

Nettle vinegar is also an effective tool for preservation of the hairline in men. Two tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water. In the resulting liquid, you must add five tablespoons of fresh crushed nettle leaves. Boil for 30 minutes. Then cool down. At night, apply on the hair roots three times a week.

Is it possible to regain lost hair?

Perhaps, but a very long recovery period. After hair transplant scars or scars that take a long time to heal. Not the fact that the result will justify the expectations. The hair will grow scraps, uneven.

Attention! Similar, but the most modern method HFI. Using a thin needle. With the help of the hair along with the follicles implanted into the skin. With this technology, hair can be transplanted not only on the scalp, also practiced transplant moustache, beard and eyebrows.

Most importantly, to prevent hair loss if possible. To conduct a correct lifestyle, eat a healthy diet and less nervous. But, if such problem happened, you need to immediately go to the doctor, because only he will be able to identify the real cause of hair loss and to prescribe effective treatment!

Nourishing mask

From home remedies is a well-proven sesame oil to use on a daily basis, thoroughly rubbing into the hair roots. It also prevents from graying, dandruff and strengthens the overall condition of hair.


Argan oil is undoubtedly an effective tool for strengthening and restoring hair. It slows down the aging process, moisturizes the scalp and protects from harmful substances and from the sun.

Onion is a great remedy for hair loss. Onion pounded to a pulp and mixed with two spoons of honey. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp and left for an hour or two. Then washed off with shampoo.