Shampoo for dry and damaged hair: the list of the best recovery tools

Dry and damaged hair cause a lot of trouble.

First, they get confused and bad to style. Second, they are difficult to grow, as constantly having to trim split ends.

Thirdly, their appearance leaves much to be desired and often spoils the image.


The first step in resolving a problem should be a selection of a good shampoo.

How to choose shampoo for dry and damaged hair?

Before you go to the store or pharmacy for a cosmetic product, you need to consider a few important points:

  1. Look for "for dry and damaged hair." Also suitable where there are such notes as "moisturizing" and "recovery".
  2. Avoid products with the effect of deep cleansing. Even if you will be painting, and you need to prepare the strands for the procedure, it's better to wash them with a suitable shampoo.
  3. Oil – moisturizers and reducing agents. Therefore, look for a shampoo where in the description of the composition is the word "oil".
  4. Vitamins and nutrients will not be superfluous. Keratin, lecithin, panthenol and beeswax is what strengthens the hair structure.
  5. Pay attention to the chemical composition. The shampoos have components that contribute to the appearance of the foam. The sulphates of Sodium and TEA in this case fit, and Ammonium – no.
  6. Try to give preference to cosmetic products of famous brands. If the hair requires intensive therapy, look for shampoos in pharmacies and specialized stores.

Which product to choose?

Suitable shampoo for dry and damaged hair can be purchased in the cosmetic Department in a professional shop, a pharmacy and even create your own. Consequently, funds can be classified thus:

  • mass-market. In category includes shampoos, which are easy to find in the shops of cosmetics and household chemicals. They have reasonable price, and they are easy to use;
  • professional. Products are sold in specialized stores where purchased by the barbers. This makeup is more expensive than the previous one;
  • pharmacy. Products not only cares, but cures regrowth. The price depends on the manufacturer;
  • home. You can create them at home using foods, herbs and pharmaceutical components.

Please note some recipes of homemade shampoos to eliminate dryness of the strands:

  • to add to the finished shampoo. Take one yolk. Add a small spoon of burdock oil. Connect blend a single serving of regular shampoo;
  • kefir. Chop the slice of black bread and connect it with yogurt. Soak the mixture for a couple of hours and start shampooing;
  • egg with gelatin. Pour a large spoonful of gelatine in half a glass of water and leave for half an hour. Add the egg yolk and apply. To obtain the effect of lamination, it is necessary to stand the mixture for about a quarter of an hour.

The course of treatment

Pharmacy and professional revitalizing shampoo for dry and damaged hair is recommended to be applied strictly according to instructions. If the manufacturer has not specified the duration of use, use as long as the hair condition has not improved noticeably. The approximate course of the month.

how to clean the head

If you dry the strands – a congenital phenomenon, not a consequence of the influence of negative factors, you can't change shampoo or always use the normal shopping revitalizing product.

Even if the course of treatment, a special tool is finished, purchase in conventional cosmetic store shampoo for dry hair. It will retain the effect of acquired and will maintain good hair condition.

How to clean the head?

There are some artless principles of washing weak and damaged hair that are worth considering:

  1. Wash your hair no more than twice a week.
  2. Use warm, not hot or cool water.
  3. Apply for half an hour before washing the oil (olive, burdock, etc.) over the entire length of the strands. (On the use of essential and cosmetic oils read in this publication.)
  4. Apply a larger amount of the shampoo on the roots.
  5. Massage in the shampoo gently, do not RUB or stretch the hair.
  6. Be sure to apply a mask or conditioner after washing and let stand for at least five minutes.
  7. Squeeze the strands with your hands, don't RUB it with a towel.
  8. Okutyvaya hair with a towel for a few minutes after washing.


Hair, the deterioration of external negative factors, it is easy to recover provided competent care, gradually removing the damaged dry ends. And even if dryness and fragility – hereditary factors can "revive" the strands with the right choice of means to care.