Keratin hair straightening: steps, tips, reviews

Beautiful, well-groomed, soft and shiny hair is every girl's dream, but not all nature has bestowed great hair. The most severely affected girls with curly and unruly hair, the morning because laying takes a very long time. But in the last time there was such a fad, like keratin hair straightening, whereby the strands become obedient and return a natural, healthy Shine.

keratin straightening and hair restoration

What is keratin hair straightening?

It is a cosmetic procedure through which you can treat the hair by restoring their structure. Straighten strands become silky, smooth and shiny. After conducting a keratin straightening is not broken and does not change the structure of hair.

Today it is one of the most effective and popular methods of deep recovery hair.

There are several types of keratin hair straightening:

  1. Brazilian – during the procedure using formaldehyde. Therefore, once completed, must, necessarily, use keratin shampoo and conditioner;
  2. American – in carrying out this kind of rectification is not applicable formaldehyde, but the procedure has a higher cost.

How does hair procedure keratin straightening?

About 78% of hair – hair is a protein or keratin. Owing to the negative impact from internal and external factors, every day lost a valuable keratin.

Hair longer than 25 cm, cannot compensate for the lack of protein, therefore, becomes dry, brittle and lose their healthy Shine.

During the keratin hair restoration are a special tools, which contains nano-molecules of keratin. They easily penetrate the hair, fill all cracks and voids, contributing to accelerated recovery and rehabilitation. Keratin restores softness, Shine and strength of hair.

Once the keratin cover the surface of the hair, the process of evaporation of the special solvent, and then polymerization occurs, restoring strength and elasticity.

Hair after keratin straightening hair is not curly, and become perfectly smooth, and radiate healthy Shine and beauty. As the result of exposure to vapors occurs the formation of a standing (permanent) layer of keratin, which does not dissolve under the influence of external or internal factors. Over time, creatine is washed out of hair, the procedure can be repeated.

The procedure keratin hair straightening - stages

Cosmetic procedure carried out in several stages:

keratin hair straightening
  1. First, the hair is carefully cleaned using a special cleansing shampoo. You need to completely remove the surface residues of styling products, the accumulated dirt, sebum, etc.
  2. Based on the type of hair (in each case individually) selected keratin mass, which is applied with a brush, uniformly distributed over their surface. It is important that the mixture does not touch the hair roots.
  3. Strands carefully dried with a Hairdryer.
  4. The hair is divided into several not too thick strands, after which they are straighten up well-heated irons. This step can be carried out only after curls are thoroughly dried.

keratin composition deposited on the strands will be securely protected from the high temperatures. After the procedure all the flakes of hair are fully covered, as a result, the hair becomes manageable, shiny, elastic, soft, easy to comb and to style.

After completion of the procedure keratin hair straightening, it is necessary for the next 3 days to refrain from shampooing and using any styling products. It is impossible to collect the hair in the tail, stab, or braid her hair, they have all this time to stay smooth.

How to make keratin hair straightening at home?

For the procedure yourself, you need to prepare in advance means:

  • special shampoo;
  • drug for rectification;
  • a spray or brush to evenly apply the composition;
  • the hair straightener. It is recommended to choose a device having a ceramic coating, as it is more gentle on hair;
  • round brush;
  • Hairdryer. During the drying curls nutrients much faster penetrate inside the hair structure.

For the procedure does not require any special training, but it is useful to consult with a specialist or you can find several instructional videos. Be sure to thoroughly study the instructions that came with the tool for straightening the hair.

How is the procedure?

To conduct independent keratin straightening, you need to stick to a few main stages:

  1. First, wash hair with a special shampoo. It is advisable to carry out this procedure several times to be removed from the surface curls of dust and grease.
  2. Strands dried with a towel below them flowed streams of water.
  3. In a spray bottle is a tool for straightening.
  4. With Bobby pins at the nape secured to the hair.
  5. Separated by a not too thick strand and processed by staff, then combs, let the tool be evenly distributed and absorbed. You can not affect the roots.
  6. Wait for approximately ¼ hour (the exact time must be specified on instructions).
  7. The curls are well dried with a Hairdryer (cold air), while at the same time they need to straighten with a round brush.
  8. Now we need to add the keratin in the hair with a flat iron - for this take a small strand of hair and some times spend it on the pad (for thin and thick hair 2-3 times for the heavy and coarse hair 6-7 times).
  9. Apply a special keratin serum.

Hair care after keratin hair restoration

In order not to lose the effect, must adhere to the following tips:

  • wash your hair after 3 days after the procedure (some formulations have to wash your hair immediately after the procedure);
  • during bathing, the head should wear a rubberized cap, as the hair should not be exposed to moisture;
  • at this time you must refrain from using a hair dryer or Ironing;
  • for laying prohibited use in the first 72 hours of clips, hoops or studs, because the hair can be unsightly creases;
  • to secure the result, after 10 days, you can re-straightening procedure;
  • shampoo after keratin hair straightening, you need to use without sulfates or sodium chloride;
  • it is useful to periodically apply a special mask with keratin, whereby the resulting effect will remain for a longer time.

The use of keratin straightening

The procedure is very popular among girls due to the resulting effect:

  • changing the structure of curls. Formed on the surface of a thin film, strengthens and protects from negative actions on the part of various external and internal factors;
  • strands look well groomed and healthy, acquire a beautiful lustre, are obedient, soft, elastic;
  • the hair can be laid in a variety of ways, and curl;
  • brushing becomes much easier;
  • hair moisturize and feed nutrients;
  • styling lasts for several days, and there is no need to frequently use the hair iron;
  • eliminates the problem of split ends;
  • with proper care, the effect lasts for 3-7 months, it all depends on what tool was used;
  • does not cause harm to the health of the strands.
keratin hair restoration

The disadvantages and possible harm keratin straightening

Despite the advantages, this cosmetic procedure has certain disadvantages:

  • after the procedure it is forbidden to wash my hair a few days;
  • 3-4 days you need to go with her hair, it is forbidden to braid her hair or tie the tail, as can be unsightly creases;
  • as a result of using chemicals during the procedure can greatly watering eyes;
  • you need regularly to use special means by which long remains the effect;
  • if you are processing thick and heavy hair, the effect will last much less.
  • hair becomes heavier, because of this, there is a burden on the hair follicle that can cause hair loss;
  • after the procedure, the hair loses volume;
  • contained in the composition means for rectifying a formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen and can be dangerous, its share should not exceed 0.2%. One some brands ignore this rule, so the choice of brands of keratin straightening take very seriously, study the composition;
  • if you carry out the procedure independently using substandard tools you can get toxic poisoning.


Not recommended this procedure in such cases:

  1. There are problems with the scalp – dandruff, various skin diseases.
  2. Damage to the surface of the scalp – fresh scars, scratches, cuts.
  3. The probability of alopecia. Despite the fact that this procedure is safe, and in some cases can provoke the beginning of baldness, therefore you should first consult officia.
  4. Asthma, Allergy. During the procedure uses compositions containing formaldehyde and other components that may provoke an allergic reaction.
  5. Pregnancy, breast-feeding, a precancerous condition.