Magic elixir: how to avoid mistakes when using hair oil

In the offseason, when it's still cool, and the premises continue to intensively heated, the hair need special care. It's time to look at the products based on oils.


Porridge oil will not spoil, but the hair easily, I think a lot of girls. Meanwhile, oil mixes and elixirs — one of the best inventions of the beauty industry in recent years. Getting on hair, the oil envelops his rod, and fills the damaged areas, but at the same time "locks" the moisture, not allowing it to evaporate. That is why the masters in beauty salons suggest to apply this product right after shampooing to give the hair Shine, provide moisture and staining to maintain the color brightness for a longer period. Unfortunately, we rarely listen to their recommendations and, frustrated, put the bottle with the precious tool in the far corner.

The number affects the quality

The most common cause of distrust of the oils is their inability to measure the correct amount of product. If you overdo it with the oil, hair will look heavy, unkempt and greasy, and the styling will not be for them to stay.

How: It is necessary to drip on a palm, just one or two drops for thin and short hair, and a maximum of three long and thick. Do not attempt to massage the oil into your hair and just RUB it in your hands to create a sense of warmth and a light touch go over the entire length. The hair should be wet with a dry towel, and after the procedure they can dry in the dryer or naturally.

Hair type matters

Owners of fine natural hair the standard oil, most likely, will not work. In addition, the difference between oil designed specifically for care of hair, and the usual cosmetic huge. Not to mention the plant. Last let and provide good nutrition and moisture, make hair messy, can not be combined with some means, leave behind specific, not always pleasant smell. Of course, you can use a natural oil (such as jojoba, burdock, etc.) as a mask before applying shampoo. But to wash his hair is not so simple. Specially designed products of inconveniences do not deliver, besides oil, trade marks and can be applied in pure form, and mixing with masks and conditioners. They are easily washed and do not interfere with stacking.

How: Give preference to products with a lightweight texture: usually they are marked as "for fine hair".

From the roots to the tips?

Unknowingly the oil is often applied to the root zone, which almost always leads to loss of volume. Laying categorically does not hold, and we all day does not leave feeling of dirty hair.

How: Professional products can be applied both on wet and on dry hair. In the first case, spread some butter along the entire length with your hands or with a comb. The second was quite a bit to work out the ends to make them smooth and give Shine.

Five more examples on how to use hair oil

remedies for hair restoration

To restore: Before bed apply a liberal amount of oil on the ends and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo. Hair immediately becomes soft, shiny and voluminous. For such treatments is perfect healing elixir LuxeOil L4 brand System Professional. The combination of precious oils protect the strands from drying out, gives them Shine and smoothness. A similar effect has fluid Marula Rare Oil Treatment Light, Paul Mitchell, which contains Marula oil: the number of useful elements, it will handicap the other. Fluid can be added to a hair mask or apply before you use the shampoo, and use it during styling.

As SOS tool: If the evening is necessary to look not just good, but great during shampooing, add to your conditioner or mask a few drops of oil. The oil composition of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil is great to have effect: argan, sandalwood and even cedar. All together works as a powerful reducing agent: it nourishes, moisturizes, increases hair density and adds volume. Dark Oil works great as a styling product, greatly facilitating the process and making the hair more shiny.

To protect: The composition of the dry oils manufacturers usually deliberately include vitamins and antioxidants, so it only takes a few sprays before going out on the street and protection from the negative impact of environmental factors is provided. In the case of the Côte d'azur oil Luminous Hair & Body Oil brand Oribe you get more and aesthetic pleasure: first, this tool has a fantastic aroma, which in itself elevates mood, and secondly, it can be used for body care. However, the main value is enclosed in a beautiful bottle unique Oribe Signature complex with extracts of watermelon, lychee and Edelweiss flowers. It protects the hair from oxidation, aging and destruction of natural keratin, prevent dryness, damage and color loss.

Against split ends: That hair looked tidy, it is recommended that a couple of times a week to use special products based on oils. Fingertips take a little money, RUB it and apply to hair and "combing" strands with hands to mid-lengths. This is perfect nutritional elixir for hair ends Enrich the brand Wella Professionals, which penetrates deep into the hair structure, regenerating damaged areas. Also pay attention to the leave-in treatment Damage Remedy Split End Repair, Aveda. In its composition — a little-known until the oil that is produced from the nuts growing on the tropical island of Malakula. Oil coats the surface of each hair, prevents further cross-section and gives a lasting effect — until the next wash.

hair restoration

For smoothness: Due to high humidity the hair usually become rebellious, fuzziness and begin to curl. Invaluable assistance in this situation is to provide oil for hair Uka Hair Oil Rainy Walk, the aroma of which have a distinctly refreshing notes of lemon and eucalyptus. Although this tool is hardly easy, it is ideal to tame curls: it is composed of vegetable oils, which prevent the penetration into the hair structure excess moisture from the air. Simply apply the product and dry my hair. Oil for smoothing and Shine of Tinsel hair brand R+Co, in contrast, is considered ultra lightweight. However, it copes with its task and has an antistatic effect. For softening and nourishment it meets the argan oil is, fortified with vitamin E, and provides thermal protection jojoba oil.