Experience in the use of Princess Hair

This letter was sent to us Roberta from Milan. The girl explained why she likes the mask Princess Hairand shared the results. With the permission of Roberta, we publish her letter in full.

Hi, girls! I want to share the story of how I was able to realize his dream, to believe in themselves and find true love.

I was born in a small town on the coast and lived there for 12 years. Then my parents moved to Italy, to Milan. I was always sociable and cheerful, so in Milan I quickly made friends, and the new place I quickly felt comfortable.

As time went on and I began to understand the difference between me and my friends. The girls ' parents made more money than my mom and dad. Girls from the age of 14 went to beauty salons, and they had gorgeous hair. I have naturally good hair, but the money for the expensive care my family was not, therefore, amid friends and I looked beautiful.

Haircut like a death sentence

Had cut her hair short. Haircut I was going but I continued to dream about long, thick and shiny hair. They can be curled into curls or smooth, gather into a complex hairstyle or wear it loose. So many possibilities, so many options! And with short hair I always look the same.

I was so upset about not being able to afford long hair! My beautiful friends were invited to act in films, take care of them the most beautiful and intelligent boys, and I was not noticed, although the face and body of mine was no worse than theirs.

Over time, I began to look even worse – fatter. I wasn't invited, I sat at home, ate pizza and watched TV.

I could lose my job

I worked in a cafe. We appearance not too important, the main thing is not to make mistakes and to be friendly to visitors. The worse I looked, the more sad it became. Once I approached the boss and asked how well I feel. She noticed that talking to people is not so friendly as before.

I was asked to take a vacation for a week. I was walking home with painful feeling. It was clear that I could lose my job. Without her, I would have to say goodbye to the dream of a higher education. My family has little money, parents will not be able to pay for my University studies.

It's time to change something!

On my favorite forum girlfriend told me about a very effective hair mask that can't be bought in stores and must be ordered on the official website. I asked for the website address.

Went and looked and thought that the mask must be either a miracle or the usual means, buying that I have nothing to lose. Price Princess Hair slightly higher than my regular mask, but much lower than those procedures in beauty salons. I decided to order Princess Hair and he did it.

The first experience of use

The next day, washed my head, caused the mask, held her, washed and... surprised! My thin hair became thick to the touch and remains soft, manageable.

During the week I have three times used a mask and went back to work in an excellent mood. I felt beautiful! Hair looked much better, and it seemed to me that they grow faster.

Further – more!

Boss complimented my new haircut and was surprised that the hair was much longer than just a week. From that day on, no problems at work have occurred. I felt like I was flying on wings! Brewed coffee and smiled, made with the juice and sang. Many visitors started to leave me a good tip. They said that not only did I make delicious coffee, but mood: always smiling and look happy.

Prince for a Princess

The cafe was frequently visit a very nice guy. He ordered a coffee and fresh juice – what I was doing. Took 3-4 cups of coffee but did not drink them until the end.

Once I asked him why he does that, he doesn't like coffee? He said that the coffee is very good, but to drink it he can't. Orders that take longer to sit in a cafe. All the while he thought how to talk to me, and hesitated. It turned out that his name was Domenico and he's studying to be a lawyer.

We started to meet. Domenico introduced me to the family, the parents I liked. Then, when we got married, my husband told me that my mom paid attention to my hair. She said, "Roberta has style. When a girl from a poor family is able to look elegant and working to pay for their education – is worthy of respect"

After 2 months we got married. Family Domenico paid for my first year of University studies. At first it was very hard. I was sleeping 3-4 hours a day, no time to care about their appearance and Princess Hair used less than once per month.

I'm happy!

By the time I had long hair and I was very afraid that they will look bad without the mask. But this did not happen! Hair was supple and shiny. Closer to the roots where the hair got less care, they looked a little dull. And near the ends, where I made good use of the mask, the hair was perfect.

This is a huge plus! Not only is it quickly makes the hair beautiful but gives long lasting effect! The price Princess Hair in tens lower than the cost of a course of treatments at the beauty salon.